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I’m trying to watch a moderate amount of news, bal…

I’m trying to watch a moderate amount of news, balanced out with happier things. watched billy elliott, it was really cute.

jon’s finally all excited about getting into a house. i’m thrilled. we’re looking now. yay! updates to follow….

This weekend was fairly uneventful. Somber, sad. …

This weekend was fairly uneventful. Somber, sad. I’m just still so sad. Jon and I were watching tv Friday night and we just had to change the channel because I couldn’t stop crying. All those poor people left with no husbands, wives, children. It’s just not fair. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad for so long. I worked here Sat from 10-2 then ran some errands, then Jon and I had dinner and we just went to bed early.

I went to church Sunday with Mom, Mo & Hale and it wasn’t nearly as crowded as I thought it would be. This poor pregnant lady was sobbing. I know what she’s thinking. How can I bring life into THIS world. But as Rev Duke said “Among death, there is life” And this little boy said when asked if he knew what war was “It’s when countries fight to get along”. How true.

Jon and I went to Chen’s last night for dinner. W…

Jon and I went to Chen’s last night for dinner. We just had to get out of the house. It’s just been 24 hrs a day of the news. I’m just so sad, so sad. We tried to buy a flag last night but no luck. Everyone’s sold out. That’s very good news. Also, I was just thinking, this week- I’ve heard of no robberies, rapes, murders, looting. Why does it take a tragedy of epic proportions to calm people down and make them act right. I’m just glad people are behaving though.

It’s Thursday now. I was just so glad Jon was hom…

It’s Thursday now. I was just so glad Jon was home with me last night. He was wishing he could have been there the night of the 11th. It’s still so bad. I just don’t know when it will get better. I can’t seem to look away from the news. It just doesn’t seem real. I talked to Tamera yesterday thank goodness. She works just a couple of blocks up from the WTC and saw the whole thing. Poor thing walked home to Brooklyn and was scared to death. I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so much.

OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I swear, we’re living in a…

OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I swear, we’re living in a movie. I don’t think anyone reads my blog, but just in case… go here to contribute to relief efforts: Give blood. Do what you can. PRAY. This is unimaginable, scary, devastating, unforgettable. Yesterday, and even so far today I’m just in shock. Total utter shock. I will never forget this day.

What an exhausting weekend. Went to the mountains…

What an exhausting weekend. Went to the mountains with Mom, Bad Shannon, and Satananda. Good Lord. I don’t even know how to start. Let me just sum it up with what I’ve learned from this: a) there are some people in the world who are extremely annoying. You can not change that. b) You’ve got to choose your battles. Fighting with said persons is not the most constructive of battles. c) It makes for a very uncomfortable and frustrating situation when you know all of this, but 1 particular fellow traveler apparently does not and proceeds to whine and complain and instigate the annoying one the ENTIRE time!!

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Tonight is looking up though. Dinner at Casco Bay!

Wow, so I’m a little behind here, huh? Ok- well, …

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Wow, so I’m a little behind here, huh? Ok- well, Friday after work Sara and I went out to Stacey’s to pick up Gabby (dog) for the weekend. She’s sooo cute. Shayna (2yrs old) FREAKED OUT. DON’T TAKE MY DOGGY!!! Crying, fists pounding the floor. I felt like a monster. Then Jon and I hung out Fri night and I made my cheeseburger ring. So good.

Sat morning he went off to work and I got up way too early and made lasagne and deviled eggs and packed for the mountains. Only to get a call around 11 from Mom saying that she’s taking her sweet time and to not rush. I coulda slept in!! We didn’t end up leaving until around 4. Jeez. Took Gabby outside to pee when these 2 big dogs, not on leashes, come running at me and Gab. It was so scary. They were snapping at her and me. How do you not have those 2 big dogs on leashes??

Mountains was fun. Always is. It’s just so pretty there. The horses were there across the street and the store was really busy. Hale’s brother had been there with his wife, son and son’s friends. Well, someone peed on one of the daybed mattresses in the card room. So we spent Monday shopping for mattresses. It looks a lot better in there though. And- when we got there we were met with a toilet full of poop! How gross!! Remind me to never sleep in the Chestnut room again. My back is killing me. The beds are just too soft. Mom forgot her purse on the way home from the mountains. So after being on the road for 45 minutes we had to turn around. Long day.

Jon had to close Monday. I missed him soooo much. I took Tuesday off. It was so good just to be with him.


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