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I totally forgot to post what our waiter said at C…

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I totally forgot to post what our waiter said at Casco last Thursday. It was just so funny. We asked him what type of glaze the asian glaze was on one of the appetizers. We basically wanted to know was it teryaki based or sweet and sour- ish. So he looks at the menu and says “The asian glaze? It’s like an oriental sauce.” Oh- that clears it right up!!

So we had a really weird mail situation yesterday. I checked the mail and I swear, only 1 piece of mail was current. It was like TWILIGHT ZONE mail. And I don’t know what we can do about it. There were items from January (Jon’s w2), May (a card from Aunt Margaret), etc. The kicker was a wedding RSVP postmarked February 12th!! From Uncle Bobby. There was even a check inside. Where has my mail been? Ipanema? It was just odd. And it wasn’t just my stuff- Jon’s too. And it was all addressed correctly. I wonder who we pissed off?? =)

Jon decided not to get the truck until we get into…

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Jon decided not to get the truck until we get into a house. He took the practical road. That’s good. That’s sooo not me. I’m totally freewheeling down Non-practical Boulevard!

Jon’s buying a truck today. At least that’s the p…

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Jon’s buying a truck today. At least that’s the plan. We’ll see what he comes home with…..

I’m heading up to the mountain house with the family this weekend for Labor Day weekend. I’m going to miss Jon terribly, but his schedule is such that he’s working every day of the weekend, so I’ll only see him for a couple hours each night. I’m still waffling though, because the girl weekend is the next weekend, so I’ll be away from him then too. Maybe I should stay home. I don’t know…

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the day Jon asked …

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Today is the 2nd anniversary of the day Jon asked me to marry him. It feels like so long ago, and just the other day at the same time.

This weekend was good. Just not long enough. Or maybe I was just too busy the whole time. Friday night Jon and I rented “The Mexican”. My 2nd time seeing it, Jon’s 1st. I knew he’d love it. It’s such a cute, smart film.

Saturday after taking care of some domestic duties, I worked at Stroke of Genius. I just love working there. It’s my less stress job. We were pretty busy, then died down around 7ish. Met a nice girl named Charma. Bad Shannon came up to paint. I’m not sure if she enjoys it though. I just can’t tell. Anyway- the 3 of us shared a table and some great conversation. I’m still working on the wedding platter. I keep avoiding Josh & Sherron’s little message. It just makes me sad to think that at our wedding they were happy (or at least seemed to be) and now they are split up.

Sunday- I stayed at Mom’s so we could all go to church. After church, Sara and Hale met up with us at Spaghetti Warehouse. Bad service, mediocre food. Why can’t we ever seem to remember that?? Then we went furniture shopping. Mom wants to get Morgan a bigger bed. We’ll get the twin beds for the baby’s room. Fun! Of course now we just need to make a baby….

Last night Mom, Bad Shannon and I went to dinner a…

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Last night Mom, Bad Shannon and I went to dinner at Casco Bay. Chris was there (the owner) and he ended up comping (sp??) our dinner. How nice was that?? What a treat! He said the funniest thing too. Mom asked what did he think about Hale and Chris goes “I don’t know, Thank God for Viagra. What do you want me to say?” We were dying. We all ended up talking there until almost 10!

Then my night was not so good. Jon was out with Marc and he said he’d come home as long as he could still drive. But he never called and he never came home until I was almost ready to leave for work this morning. What a jerky thing to do. I could hardly sleep I was so nervous, listening for any little sound. Wondering was he ok. I’m still dealing with his attitude about how unless it bothers him, it’s ok. If he doesn’t figure out very soon that his selfish attitude in that respect is extremely detrimental to our relationship, I just don’t know what I’m going to do. The other 99% of our life is so amazing, and I’m so happy. But when he forgets that he’s part of a larger unit than just himself- it just burns me up. I would never stay out all night and have him at home worried. Of course, I also don’t think it’s fun to drink til I puke either. I guess girls do mature faster than boys.

Last night after work I went over to Mom’s. We ha…

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Last night after work I went over to Mom’s. We had dinner and I gave Morgan her scrapbook. She loved it and was so excited. Running her little fingers over all the pages to feel all the “neat stuff” I did. Mom really liked it too. We’re trying to figure out what to do for Labor Day weekend. I’m psyched though because I get to keep Gabby for the weekend. And if everything works out, then she’ll come to live with us permanently when we move. She’s so cute! A little papillon dog that weighs in at just 2 1/2 pounds!

Jon’s going out with Marc tonight so I won’t see him tonight either. I haven’t seen him for more than 5 minutes since Monday night (well at least not while we’ve both been awake!) But we have date night tomorrow night. I miss him. Sweet husband.*

We’re slow at work today. That’s ok though, gives…

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We’re slow at work today. That’s ok though, gives me time to catch up on bills etc. Plus I’ll have some time to read. I’m reading ‘The Weight of Water’ by Anita Shreve right now. I found Dave Eggers’ ‘A heartbreaking work of staggering genius’ the other day at Target. I can’t wait to start reading that one. I don’t usually buy books, but the ladies at work and I are in a book share rotation and I wasn’t contributing.


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