Stuck on you

This morning I went to my hair girls’ house and got my hair did. I was loooong over due and looking ratty. Now I’m all fabulous again. So I came home and took a nap then CSP & I went to get some Mexican for dinner. All was going pretty well (except they put that “salad” crap on my plate against my clearly explained wishes and hot lettuce mingled with my pollo fundido so there was lots of plate scraping to get that crap off of my plate and onto CSP’s). Ahem, sorry. As we were leaving I started to slide out of the booth when the leg of my capri pants caught on something. I reached down thinking maybe it was a nick in the wood or something, but no. It was GUM! YUCK! I swear to you if I ever catch my kid sticking gum under a table or on a booth so help me he/she will be scraping gum off tables for weeks! We told the manager and stuck napkins to my pants so the gum wouldn’t transfer to the seat of the truck. Ugh.
Then we went to Brusters for my free birthday ice cream. Yum.
So if anyone knows how to get gum out of cute brown capris please let me know. I googled it and there are approx. 9876986343487 remedies on the internets and I just don’t know which one to go with. The gum is blue if that helps.

Shiny shiny

So I’ve been watching this show on BBC America that I just love called How Clean is Your House? Kim & Aggie give great tips on cleaning during the show and we’ve tried a few out. They’re all about “cheap & cheerful” and using products you’d have right in your home, like salt & lemon juice. You have to get used to the British lingo of course, but that’s a bit easier for me than CSP since I grew up with my Irish Nanny. I’m used to her saying AL-you-min-ee-um foil instead of aluminum foil.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a tip with you that I just love. I wear mostly silver jewelry and it can get tarnished. Some of it, like my heart bracelet, can be hard to clean with all its nooks and crannies. So the HCIYH ladies said to get tarnish off of silver the easy way to do this:Science experiment Line a plastic bowl or dish (like Tupperware) with aluminum foil. Place your jewelry inside the dish. Lay it out so it touches the foil. Only do this with sterling. No plated stuff. Then sprinkle a good bit of baking soda on it. They call it bicarbonate of soda on the show. Now pour hot water over everything. I put the kettle on and take it just under boiling then pour that on. The mixture will bubble and froth for a bit. Let it sit a while, a long while if it’s all really dirty. Then rinse your silver and dry it. All shiny! All clean & shiny

To sleep, pugchance to dream

You also wanted to see where the pugs sleep. Well…that’s about everywhere! They sleep in bed with us at night (click to enlarge all photos): Kiki's all tucked in
Even though they have 2 dog beds in the breakfast nook. Here’s Molly on her favorite:Molly all curled up Kiki loves to sleep on the back of the sofa: Kiki sleeping on the back of the sofa And Molly loves to sleep on her Daddy (she woke up when the flash went off- dag!)Molly curled up with her Daddy Not to be outdone, Kiki also takes naps on Dad:Kiki found the perfect place to nap- right on top of her Dad!

If it’s free it’s for CSP!

Remember when I told you I won a free pair of Crocs? Well the peeps at were awesome and let me pick out whichever pair I wanted off of So I picked Mary Janes in silver. Well Shoe Buy was out of Mary Janes in any color. I could have waited for them to restock but then I saw the Scutes. crocs190626_99415_lg.jpg And I knew CSP would love a pair of Scutes to wear around the house watering the lawn and what not. I changed my request to Black on Black Scutes for men size 13. They were shipped here super fast and CSP loves em. I knew I would make him a croc fan eventually!

Insert witty title

Wow! Y’all have really come up with a good list of things for me to photograph. I will get on that and post those pics throughout the week.

In other news…
– We’ve finally started eating those Dream Dinners on Demand meals that I put together last month before my surgery and they’re really good! It’s taken this long to get around to them because Jon’s been on a grilling kick. I’ve been surprised at how well they cook up. I may do this again next month.

-Crickets from all around the world are converging on our home to use it as a mass death site. I swear to you there’s a dead cricket in every room, every day lately. I don’t know what’s drawing them to our house, but I’m getting tired of sucking their little dead bodies up with my vacuum. Plus I feel sorry for the little buggers.

-Our dvr died a week or so ago and we were sent a new one. That’s great and all but I can’t remember the names of some of the shows (or the channels) that we watch and I have to totally re-set up our record list. I think all that anesthesia and those pills have really mucked up my memory!

-I need some new, good books to read. The last batch of books I’ve read have all left me feeling a little creeped out, or just unsatisfied. Ferny by James Long, The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc, Little Children (didn’t like the way it ended), can’t remember what else. I’m waiting on my MIL to finish the new Harry Potter and then I’ll have that, but until then can you please give me some suggestions? I like just about anything, but esp thrillers, Southern writers, mysteries. Thanks y’all!

Because I’m tired and on pills

Well, I’m not so much on pills anymore. Now just some ibuprofen at night when my tummy area gets all tight feeling after moving around all day. But I am tired so I’m gonna steal Lisa’s idea.

Think of 3 pictures you’d like to see. Leave whatever you’d like to see in the comments. Things around my house, or whatever… something I can take a picture of easily. Once I have enough requests, I’ll start posting them. If I can’t, or won’t, take a picture of something you’ve requested, I’ll let you know. This little experiment will give you a glimpse into my life and me some more practice with the new camera. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

Oh, Papa

I called my Mom last night as soon as I uploaded my hysterectomy pics cause I knew she was dying to see them. We squealed and laughed about them and I told her to be careful about letting Papa see them or he’d pass right out. He can’t stand it if we even mention the words “tampon, ovary, maxi pad” so you know a picture of a uterus on a table would just send him over the edge. Then Mom thought it would be funny to make the uterus pic the wallpaper on his computer! We laughed about that for a minute then she went to change it and it was gone. It had somehow gotten sucked into the rotation of photos that display on his monitor. So every 15 minutes there’s a new photo. Who knows how long it will be, or when it will happen that my poor Papa will be working and my uterus will flash up on his screen!

Speaking of Papa I have to tell y’all the story my Mom relayed to me about their dinner the other night. They were eating corn on the cob with those corn cob knobs with the metal tines. Apparently Papa’s corn got the best of him because the next thing my Mom knew he had stabbed himself in the face with his corn cob knob! They pulled it out and controlled the bleeding and now he looks like a snake bit him on his face! Bahaha! I told CSP about it and he said “They’re not gonna make it to 60!”. But hey, at least they’ll have fun stories!