She lives…..

At 8:52 CSP called me and quickly handed the phone off to Shannon.  She is out of surgery and recovery!  Shannon is on all kinds of drugs, and is still in a bunch of pain.  As we were hanging up the nurse was there with some Demoral (sp?)!  Hopefully it will knock her out so she can get some much needed rest!  I am sure I will hear from her tommorrow and of course I will pass on the updates! 

What Do You Want?

That is how CSP answered the phone when I called to check on my best friend Shannon.  Of course he was just kidding.  He only answered because I threatened last night to call every five minutes until he answered. ;)  He said Shannon was still in surgery.  She was supposed to go under the knife at 1pm but due to back ups at the hospital she didn’t go into surgery until 3pm (I am sure she was so thirsty).  The surgery should take 2 hours, then a while for recovery.  He promised to call me soon as she was in the safe zone!  I will let you all know! 

Hysterectomy 101

You guys are so sweet and I just can’t tell you how much I adore all of you. I’m way behind on answering emails as my cough meds knock me out for a lot of the day and I spent yesterday afternoon with the garage door installation man. Oh, and I’ve been getting lots of emails from readers I don’t know lately. Welcome! Please comment! I don’t bite! Most of the emails start out with “hey I’ve read your blog for a long time but don’t comment.” Why not? I’ve even started trying to respond to each comment. I appreciate your comments! So leave em. It’s like getting a little bloggy mail. And you know I LOVE mail.

Let me please clear something up. The “can’t breathe” thing. It’s just a cold. Not shortness of breath. Just can’t breathe through my nose cause it’s clogged up. But I’m on some kick ass decongestants and I can breathe through both nostrils now and things are much better. Still coughing but the sneezing is gone too.

Tomorrow I have to be on a clear liquid diet and take some sort of science experiment drink to clean out my bowels. SO MUCH FUN! So I’m gonna pick up that lovely liquid at Target along with some magazines and what not. My DR. says I should bring my own pajamas. Problem is, I sleep nakey. And they don’t want that. And all of my loungey clothes are tshirts and pants and I don’t wanna wear pant type things with waistbands to bother my incisions. So I need to pick up a nightgown. And I suppose some slippers. Maybe I’ll just bring Crocs instead. My surgery is slated for 1pm Friday and my Dr. thinks I’ll be able to go home sometime on Sunday.

I’ve gotten some questions on my procedure, so here’s some info: Continue reading

T minus…

Friday morning I went to my regular doctor because I can’t seem to shake this coughing/sneezing/can’t breathe thing, then hit Target to get my prescriptions. Then I had to go for my anesthesiology pre-op appointment. On the phone they told me to bring my cpap machine, which I did, which they didn’t need. I was at the hospital from 1-4 (!!) getting poked and prodded, but mostly just waiting around. Since I’m having a hysterectomy there are lots of baby related questions. While there one nurse and I got into a little conversation where she was asking me did we try IVF. I explained that while IVF was an option for us we skipped it and went straight for adoption because it was more important to me to be a mom than to be pregnant. She then said “I don’t know. I guess I’d have to try IVF a few times just so I could feel like I tried everything I could to have kids of my own before I gave up and adopted. But I’m really for adoption. So many kids needs homes ya know?” Then she was gone. And I was sitting there stunned. I wish I could have a big conference and tell people that adoption is NOT what you resort to when you’ve given up. That it’s just as wonderful as birthing babies. That the children ARE your own. I hate it when I get that pity look from women. The look that says “Aw you poor thing you can’t have kids.” I can so. And I will. And they are gonna kick ass.
I got home and went next door to Candice’s for movie night. But we ended up chatting so long over dinner that it got too late for movies. And sometimes that’s better than movie night anyway.
Saturday was a blur of cough medicine and naps and pre-op discussions with CSP. Bless his heart, I love him so. He’s so worried. He wants to drag our bed downstairs so I won’t have to climb stairs. He’s basically setting up a triage unit in our den. I hope he doesn’t stroke out in the waiting room. Anyone wanna come to Charlotte to slip CSP valium while I’m under the knife?

Back to our regular programming

Well Bloggy Photo Days was a huge success and I want to thank all of you who participated. I plan on making this a seasonal thing so look for the next edition in the fall!
It was harder than I thought to continuously take photos throughout the day. And then wouldn’t you know it, Saturday I was sick so it made for very few photo ops. So I made sure to take lots of pics Sunday as well.
Lots to catch up on, so much to tell you!
Let me start with Thursday. Thursday morning Candice (my next door neighbor and friend) and I went to one of those meal assembly places. I’d link to the one we went to but it’s not part of a chain and I’m in a small town and please don’t come stalk and kill me internets. Anyway, we had a big time. It was lots of fun and we each made 6 dinners. I wanted to stock the freezer so while I’m recovering next week CSP can make us something to eat besides meat. My boy is a champion griller but not so handy with the making of side dishes that aren’t deep fried. It was so easy to put the meals together, although this is where I learned I’m not very good with fractions and measuring. I ended up with 3 tablespoons of chipoltle chili seasoning on my pork tenderloin instead of 1.5 tablespoons. That’s gonna be one spicy dinner! Candice and I went out for Mexican for lunch then I met Sara over at her new house to look at flooring samples. That was the day something snapped into place and Joey realized my name is not Gigi. OMG he was so cute. Come on Aunt Shanny, he’d say and show me every nook and cranny in the house. Jake told me he had a surprise for me when I got there and he presented me with a bunch of “flowers” of the weed variety. It was so sweet! They still had their roots and all!
Then I met up with my mom at my Grandmommy’s nursing home. It’s a really nice facility and not clinical feeling at all. Plus it doesn’t smell like urine which is a big plus. Gmommy loves all the people there and is really happy. I’m so glad about that.
We left Gmommy when it was time for her dinner and went to get dinner ourselves at the restaurant where Morgan is now working. We walked in and I had my camera ready, snapping pics of a mortified Morgan. Our specials tonight... She was doing such a good job! Each time she’d come into our area we’d flash her the thumbs up and cheer. She LOVED having us there I’m sure. Heh. When we were leaving Morgan asked if Mom could pick her up a book she needs to read for school. All she knew was it started with an O, ends with an N, and has a Chinese kid on the cover. WHA? So we stopped into the Barnes and Noble next door and luckily they had a binder with the reading lists of all the area schools. Thank the Lord. Cause let me tell you had that been my kid with that kind of janky information and she’d have been on her own. While there we found the clearance tables and I scored $2 road atlases (one for my car, one for CSP), some cheapo stationary, and a travel edition of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture for $5. Mom had to visit the ladies room so I took a seat at the little cafe at the bottom of the escalator while she went upstairs. And I waited, and waited, and waited. I was glancing around after a while wondering if she was ok when I looked up on the 2nd level and there she was! Reading a book! I yelled her name and got a guilty look. A book on palm reading had distracted her. I swear she’s got the attention span of a goldfish sometimes! She ended up buying the book and while we were in the checkout line Morgan called to tell her that she’d gotten off work and ran into another car in the parking lot. DOH! First wreck in her new car. Luckily there was no damage to the car she hit. Oy what a day!

You down wid PBD? Yeah you know me!

OK so you wanna see our pictures of Photo Bloggy Days?? Some of us bloggy peeps took our cameras with us today and photographed our daily lives.
Click here for the Flickr group where you can see tons of pics.

Or you can click below and go directly to their blogs:


Lola’s Mom**They’re on vacation but will post pics upon return.

Go ahead and check it all out. Cause you know you wanna see more pics like this: First thing I saw when I woke up this morning
It’s not too late to play! If you wanna, just leave me a comment with email address or shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up, yo.

Photo Bloggy Days Reminder!!

Happy Summer Y’all!
So we are going to photograph our days and share them with our bloggy world. If you’d like to take part remember to leave a comment on my blog or email me to let me know and I’ll link to you from there.

Here’s the dealio:
Take a picture at least once every 2 hours. Photograph everything: your breakfast, the inside of your shower, your view when you wake up, what you see on your commute to work, your desk, your lunch, you get the idea! Things you think are every day and mundane to you are interesting to us!

Post your photos on Friday &/or Saturday 6/22 & 23. You can do both days to show the difference between work & play, or just the one day. I wanted to include a business & non-business day for variety. For those of us who don’t work outside the home, don’t fret- there’s tons of stuff for you to photograph!

Take pics of your day then post them later. Like you can take pics all day Friday then post them on Saturday or Friday night. Take your Saturday pics then post them Sunday or Saturday night or Monday even. No need to continually post throughout the day. Although you can do that too if you’d like. It’s totally laid back about when you post. Just make sure your photos are of Friday and/or Saturday. The main goal is to be able to go to different blogs and see what our bloggy friends were doing at the exact same time. Like I wonder what Lisa in Baltimore was doing while I was having lunch in Charlotte. That kind of thing.

Carry your camera with you all day. Start now to get into the habit. Go to sleep with your camera by your side!

Hope you’ll play!