Oh nuts, it seems the public has a bone to pick with IKEA

My beloved IKEA is in the news lately because of this layout in the new 2007 catalog. click to enlarge: It seems that some people think an IKEA staffer photoshopped a human peenie on the picture of the dog. IKEA claims it is the dog’s leg. I’ve had dogs all my life and, um, I haven’t come across a leg like that on a canine. Who knows what the real deal is here. Maybe Sven the wonder dog just flashed the camera his puppy package!

Hump day hodge podge

The fabulous Lisanne surprised me by sending me a box full of 3 liters of Polar Sodas. There was Vanilla Seltzer, Double Fudge, and my favorite, Pomegranate Dry. So yummy! I always love trying products that aren’t available in my area. Merci Lisanne!

Tonight I’m heading out to a free screening of Trust The Man.

Oh, and that gift card (see below) is still up for grabs. Any takers?

The BPOH has brought quite a few new readers over here. Welcome y’all! So I thought I’d see if there are any questions I can answer for you. Anything you’ve been curious about? I’m an open book, so ask away!

Have I gotta deal for you!

I have this $75 gift card for Levy Restaurants. Problem is, the only restaurant they had in the Charlotte area got bought out. So now this card doesn’t do me much good until the next time I go to Florida. Who knows when that is. So I thought I’d let you guys in on a deal. Click on the link above and see if you can use the card in your area. If you’d like it I’ll give you the gift card for $60. That’s a $15 savings! I’d rather one of my bloggy buddies have this instead of going on eBay. Leave me a comment or send me an email if you’re interested!

I’m here for you

This just in: Mary Janes are available on the Crocs.com site (finally) in lots of colors! On Crocs.com they are only $29.99 vs the $34.99 they were running over at Journeys. Crocs.com is also carrying the Prima ballerina flats too. I’ve got my whole family turned on to Crocs finally. Hot as Hale (my Papa) is sporting the Islander. When they came in the mail he danced all around in them he loves them so much. My Mama’s been a fan for a while, and now my MIL is too. She’s got the Prima and the Mary Janes and has me on the lookout for a pair of Reliefs (they are sold out in her size & preferred color). Susan is rocking a pair of Mary Janes and finally Lisa quit being a holdout and ordered herself and Pete each a pair of the Athens flip flops. I’m so excited that my peeps are gettin comfy in their Crocs!
Oh, and for you Disney fans, Crocs is coming out with a Disney line!


Hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!! go out to Mary Mia & Rod on their referral of twins! Beautiful, gorgeous, smoochable twin girls. Pop over and say hi! M3 & Rod getting twins totally gives us hope that yep, they really do have twins in China and we might even be lucky enough one day to bring our girls home at the same time like we’ve dreamed for months and months now.

Mole Hole

Thursday I went and had a mole removed from my cheek. The whole experience was quick and rather anti-climactic. My mom went with to take pictures. She usually shaves off her own moles and was interested to see how the pros do it. So here’s what happened:
The before shot: Can you see it there on my cheek? The color used to be darker and it has grown a white ring around it. Odd.
The nurse numbed me with a shot. She lied and told me there would be a little pinch and a bit of stinging. The little pinch was right, the bit of stinging felt like I was under attack from an army of wasps! The shot made my mole raise up so they could really get to it.
Then the Dr. just shaved it off with a razor blade.
Took no time at all and I didn’t feel a thing.
That was it.
Now I have to wear a band aid on my face for a week. Sexy.

In other doctor news, I had my follow up appt with my sleep dr. yesterday. He said I had/have “horrendous” sleep apnea. They assign a number to it to show how severe it is. 0-25 is moderate, 26-50 is severe, 50-75 is very severe and so on. My number? 125! Holy canoli! No wonder I was tired all the time! He showed me a chart from my sleep study (that he wouldn’t let me photograph. Hmph!) and said the blue line indicated when my brain was agitated and I was waking up while sleeping, and the green space was normal sleep activity. When I was “sleeping” it was a solid blue space. Pitiful. Then when they put me on the mask that night my number dropped to 5! And my chart showed lots of green! He said it was probably the first decent few hours of sleep I’ve had in many years. I tell ya, I do feel so much better. No more morning headaches from not sleeping. No more of that hangover feeling. My blood pressure has even come down. And I’m so used to my machine now I can’t even tell the power is on sometimes. God bless the creator of the CPAP machine!