Happy Howl-oween!

Click on the pics to enlarge. I L-O-V-E love Halloween! I love the trick or treating and seeing the kids in the neighborhood, the dressing up. The pugs? Not so much with the dressing up. But they sure do look cute and they’ll do just about anything for their Mom when she’s got a handful of treats! Kea is dressed as a witch and Ike is Frankenstein but their little hats kept sliding back. And Keekee refused to wear the little cuffs on her arms and legs. I got one of them on her and she held out her arm like it was broken and fell to the floor moaning. Who knows where she gets this drama queen thing from!? ;) The official pic for the Halloween cards this year:
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! With love from our pug-kin patch! xoxo

Office Party

Last night was our office’s Halloween party. It was a lot of fun. It was held at a country club and there was a dj, bar, food, the works. Very nice. Everyone went all out with their costumes. I loved seeing all the costumes- so much creativity! There were a couple of kissing booths, 2 couples dressed up as plug & socket, a God’s gift to women, big Pimpin, Disco Stew, Ron Burgundy. The most original costume went to a couple dressed up as a night stand and a woman- one night stand. So cute! Here are some pictures. I managed to get in a couple of them. Jon had to work and couldn’t go but looked at the pictures when he got home and asked if I dressed up as Aunt Jemima.

brrrrr baby

This y’all, this is the weather I love. My fingers, toes and nose are chilled. The heat isn’t on and neither is the air. It is awesome. We have blankets piled high on the bed and the pugs burrow down to keep our feet warm at night. It’s sunny so you’re warm in the car, and you can wear a sweater and be fine without a jacket. This is my favorite time of year here. This is the time of year I wonder why everyone doesn’t hop in their cars and move on down here. This is the time of year when you truly see a Carolina blue sky.

I heart Barbie

I know, I know. I should hate her. I do hate that one Barbie who said “Math is hard”. But I grew up with Barbie, and I loved her. I’m just not going to get into a political thing about her. She is a doll, a toy, a plaything made of plastic. My daughters’ self esteem will not be based on Barbie. If we get to stay at the White Swan, and we get the Barbie, then I’m bringing her home. I’ll let my girls grow up and decide what to do with her. If Coming Home Barbie meets the same fate as 98% of my Barbies she’ll be headless or naked in a box somewhere anyway, so she’ll be in no shape to mold my children’s futures.
That being said, have you seen the Chinese New Year Barbie? She’s so pretty! And she’s a BOGO right now at Amazon (buy one get one). Jon would kill me if I shelled out $20 for a doll Ling Ling can’t even play with until she’s like 5. I’ll tell him I put her in my wish list and then I’ll break him down. Since she’s BOGO we’ll get 2 for the price of 2 frappuccini drinks!

Squid Wrestling

Ike had a vet appointment today for a heartworm check (free and clear) and a nail clipping (Thank you JESUS for the vet ladies). They said Ike is doing great with his weight (19.9 lbs) but he needs to maintain. I couldn’t find his harness and had to take him using just a collar and leash. OMG, the entire experience, from the donning of said leash to the ride there to the controlling of the pug while at the office, is just so exhausting- like wrestling an angry squid. I lost an earring in the process, who knows where that is. I came home covered in hair, my hair all disheveled, scratches on my neck and face, the works. Then I get covered in kisses as soon as we get home, so of course it’s all worth it! Looks like I’m getting great practice for being a mom!

All decked out

I’ve got just about all of my Halloween decorations out. Weekend trips and the homestudy threw me off this year. Usually the whole house is decorated by October 2. You can see my poor kitties trying to blend in with the Halloween decor in the first picture. Shannon and her large dog Rascal were over and the sheer size of Rascal (a lab mix, but hey, these cats are used to pugs) sends the kitties up on the tv armoire. I’m pleased with the way the mantle looks this year: Jon always says if we’re ever to sell our house we should do it in the fall cause that’s when it looks the best. I’d have to agree. The colors of the furniture go nicely with the fall colored decorations and it feels pretty homey.
In other Halloween decoration news, my mom puts out this creepy little guy every year. And every year he gives me the heebie jeebies. And every year one of the trick or treating kids will tell this “kid” they like his costume!


We spent the afternoon at my sister Sara’s house visiting with her and my BIL and my nephews. Marc made beer can chicken. I’d never had it before. It was quite tasty. All the little chickens lined up looked just like those chickens on that Pepsi commercial where they sumo wrestle.
In Nephew News: Joey is standing! He’s so excited when he pulls himself up. I’m thinking he’s just going to skip crawling properly and jump straight into running full speed. Jake is talking more and more now. He knows his colors and is really getting into the mimic thing. He can’t quite say Shannon or even Shanny yet. He can say Aunt Sh Ann Nee. But to put it all together he calls me ShanZee. Emphasis on the Zee. So cute.

Daddy’s girls

My husband is turning into a Daddy. When I came home from IKEA I showed him pictures of the crib and changing table/dresser I liked (dude, they are like less than half the price of the cribs I’ve seen around town. I know it’s not heirloom quality furniture, but it is good stuff and we’re on a major budget, esp if we need 2), and then we looked up the matching pieces on the IKEA site. Up until now any time he’s talked about things we should buy the girls it is because we have to. He totally surprised me and melted my heart when he spotted the toy chest and said he wanted to get one for his girls, “cause every kid should have a good toy chest. We can put it between the cribs.”
Yep, we’ve starting talking in terms of 2. It is so hard not to. We want two so badly and part of me feels we’re jinxing ourselves, but the other part of me feels like that’s what is meant to be so we might as well prepare. We rarely spoke of anyone but Ling Ling until our social worker said we needed to get ready for two cause there was a good chance we’d get two. I really hope she’s right. Jon’s so excited, he said “Ooh we could each have one.”
I showed Jon the goodies I brought home for Ling Ling and Mei Mei from IKEA including the coveted and much hyped stacking cups. Everyone has told me to make sure to bring a set of these to China. So when I saw them on the IKEA site I knew I’d have to hunt them down in store. I got lucky and picked up 2 sets for the girls and 1 set for Joey. I let Jon unwrap a set so he could see how they worked. He played with them a minute and examined each one then announced that our kids have been ripped off. Why? “They can only drink out of one of these cups! The rest have holes in the bottom!” Bless his heart, he thought they were stacking drinking cups.

Atypical towers

I don’t know if it’s the heat or if it’s cause we’re Southerners, but it seems that we sometimes can’t leave well enough alone. Why have a plain ol water tower when you can paint it to look like a baseball (like the one just a couple miles from my house that tells you when to get off the highway if you’re going to see a game). Or how about a huge peach? The peach is in Gaffney, SC on hwy 85. Going North it looks right nice like a peach with it’s leaf and all. However, going South down 85 it looks more like a big, peach, ass. That’s Southern charm for ya. I checked with Google to see if there are other water tower creations out there and there sure are! This site has a whole list of them. Cute!