Domestic Goes Digital

Domestic Goes Digital

In case you haven’t heard, the lovely Miss Rachel and I are hosting an online Tupperware party through May 7. Now, that seems like a long way off since it’s still technically April, but it’s just around the corner. So get on the stick and make your list! You know you love it. Then email me and I’ll hook you up. Trust me, you should only be taking your famous devilled eggs to that cookout in this most fabulous famous devilled egg transporter.

And, here’s another domestic teaser for ya…keep an eye out for the online Pampered Chef party we’ll be hosting in a few weeks. Who knew we were such internet socialites?

Hair raising

Hair raising

Posting about my Mom and Mole Neck Lenny brought back a lot of hair related memories. My Mom went to cosmetology school when we were kids, or rather, her guinea pigs. Yes I was the only girl in 7th grade sporting a rat tail- and not at my request. Sara had a funky asymmetrical skater do that was pretty cool, and way beyond the sophistication level of most 6th graders in our small town. We had perms, trims that turned into major makeovers, the works.

My favorite Mom hair story though involves my old friend Leslie. She came over one night so Mom could highlight her long, thick, dark brown hair. Hair that had never been processed in any way. So it took a really long time to pull it all through the little cap, especially because we were all enjoying chatting and cocktails. Then Mom applied the chemicals and we waited for Leslie to process and chatted and snacked and had a couple more cocktails.

Then Leslie says something along the lines of “Is it supposed to be this hot? It burns.” We rush over and Mom pulls off the little plastic bonnet thing and looks at me with horror on her face- Leslie’s “honey colored” highlights were stark white. She looked like a skunk and the bride of Frankenstien’s daughter. Her hair was literally smoking! We pulled the cap off and Leslie went to wash her hair out- she had no idea what had happened. We kept telling her how great it looked! Very fashion forward. At this point it’s nearly midnight so we were trapped! Leslie took one look at herself and started crying. Mom got on the phone with 1800Clairol who weren’t much help, then made an emergency run to an all night drugstore.

Mom eventually fixed Leslie’s hair, but it never looked the same. Especially all the little broken pieces that literally burned off. I’m pretty sure this incident is what caused our friendship to go sour. Last I heard she moved to Maine. Thank goodness Mom’s not licensed there!

*Just to clear up some things…I was about 22 and Leslie was about 20 when we burned her hair off. My Mom did not let me have cocktails as a kid. I had to be certified legal before drinking in her house.

Good thoughts

Good thoughts

A fly on the wall might have heard these snippets in our bedroom over the last week.

S: Honey, can you turn the sound machine up?

J: Yeah, am I snoring too loud?

S: No, Ike is.

*Ike being our pug, for those just tuning in.

S: Honey, you want me to sing to you? I can really belt this one out.

J: No honey, I’m trying to go to sleep.

S: But it’s the thought that counts. (note the fact that I’m completely tone deaf and couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket)

J: Then just think it.

I’m such a stitch!

I’m such a stitch!

I was checking out my stubborn incision today, the one that just won’t seem to heal like the others, and after cleaning it up noticed what I thought was just lint or something so I pulled it, heard and felt a pop, and then there was the bleeding. I realized I had just ripped out one of my stitches! Oy, the bleeding. So I went to the doctor who reminded me she’s the doctor, not me, so only she gets to pull strange objects out of the incisions she made.

Self operating runs in my family though, so the urge is strong. My Mom is famous for cutting off anything she doesn’t like. That mole, ah, just slice it off. Skin tag? Lemme get my scissors. She once threatened to cut a mole off the neck of an old boyfriend of mine while cutting his hair (and enjoying some wine I might add). Good ol Mole Neck Lenny. Wonder how he’s doing now?

Club Hopping & Fancy Cooking Tools

Club Hopping & Fancy Cooking Tools

Today we had brunch with the inlaws, then took them club hopping. Every few Sundays they’ll buy us brunch in exchange for them never having to buy a Sam‘s membership. Today we outdid ourselves by going to Costco first then Sam’s. They’d never been to a Costco so it was fun to compare. And it’s always fun to go on sample Sunday!

Speaking of high quality kitchen tools… (nice segue huh?). My sister Sara is having a fundraiser for the Mommies group she’s a part of. If you like Pampered Chef items, and you know you do, click here to check them out. Then email me if you’d like to place an order and you’ll only have to pay less than $3 shipping! I know my list is getting long already!

El cheapo in la bano

El cheapo in la bano

I don’t splurge too much on bath accessories. I just hope that I’ll get a bath bomb in a gift at some point and I hold on to bubble bath for years. But I couldn’t resist finally ordering from Lush when I saw they had a good selection in their clearance section. I was shocked at the high shipping rates, but what can you do with no Lush store nearby?

My order came and I loved it all. Everything smelled sooo good. But one of the huge bath bombs was broken. This gave me an idea as I poured the remains of the bomb into a ziploc. So I took all my other bombs and bashed them to bits too. Not completely to smithereens, just to 4-5 good sized pieces. Then I put them all into ziplocs and labeled them with the scent. Now each bath bomb can last me 3-4 baths!

The best wife ever

The best wife ever

Um, yeah, that would be me. Know why? Because we just got back from seeing Metallica in concert. Jon’s been a fan forever. And while my musical tastes run more along the lines of Jason Mraz and Barenaked Ladies, I was happy to go. It was actually a great show. Godsmack opened up for them and were really good too. I’ve not seen such devoted fans in a long time. I got splashed with water from a girlfriend/boyfriend fight behind us, but other than that it was a good night. The show lasted a long time. Around 11 I get this text message from Rachel: How was the concert? Did you get a tshirt? I sent back: Still here. Am officially deaf. Send help. One of my favorite highlights from the show…when this drunk guy walks in between acts, raises his arms in the air and yells: “Wooooo! I’m here to see…wait, who am I here to see? Oh, yeah, Metallica. Woooo I’m here to see Metallica!!!”



First of all, I can not believe Jennifer Hudson got booted off of American Idol last night. I was out to dinner with my girlfriend Stacy and got home just in time for the tribute thing and was all confused because America can’t be that stupid. Surely they were only showing her tribute because they like her so much and someone else is going home. Did America not hear her sing just the night before? America! I leave the house for a couple of hours to have dinner with a friend and you betray me by booting off someone with actual talent? I’m so upset with you right now.

Secondly, I’m switching salons. Again. Try as I might I can’t seem to keep a relationship going with a hair lady. I met my new one today and we hit it off. I just hope she won’t leave me like those other hair ladies did. That’s a betrayal I just can’t get used to. =) I’m already liking my new lady though. I asked her to ballpark how much she’d charge me for a cut, foils, and brow wax. She said all sweet and apologetically, “Well sweetie if I do the foils it can get pricey. But at least your hair is short so that helps. But we’re still looking at about $55.” I almost wet myself I was so excited. Do you understand that the last place I went charged me $160 before tip for the same thing and I left the salon looking like I’d been rolling around in the back of some guy’s van for 3 hours?! I have to drive about 15 minutes to get to this place, but man, to save ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS every 6 weeks I think is worth the drive. Now, if I come home with a mullet in 2 weeks after my first appointment with Holly, then I may be singing a different tune!

He was blinded by the light

He was blinded by the light

Speaking of the elderly….I forgot to mention this part of our Spring Break adventure.

So my Irish grandmother calls me a few days before Rachel and Lisa get here and tell me some terrible news…my younger cousin Troy has gone blind. Troy is Uncle Kevin (of severed thumb fame) and Aunt Marcia’s son. So we were anxious to visit with him while we were in town seeing the rest of his family. Uncle Kevin owns a large farm and Troy’s house sits on the edge of it, so we knew we could visit easily.

We arrive at Kevin and Marcia’s and after pleasantries ask about Troy. Poor guy is only 25 years old and to go blind in his prime is heartbreaking. The exchange goes something like this:

Me: So how is Troy?

K/M: Oh he’s fine. (classic Southern stoicism.)

Me: Where is he?

K/M: He’s at work.

Me: Wow, he’s adapting pretty well then huh?

K/M: What are you talking about?

Me: Well, Nanny (our grandmother, Kevin’s mom) told me.

K/M: About what?

Me: That Troy went blind a few weeks ago.

K/M: What?

Me: Didn’t he? That’s what she said.

K/M: Oh my God. Troy didn’t go blind. He got the hives!

My grandmother had the entire family worried sick. How on earth a skin condition can turn into a sudden and tragic loss of sight during one phone call is beyond me. You can bet that Aunt Marcia was on the phone with Nanny as soon as we pulled out of the driveway!