I’ll bid $1 Bob The other day Jon and I caugh…

I’ll bid $1 Bob

The other day Jon and I caught The Price is Right for the first time in a long time, and let me tell you I’m upset that I’ve missed out on so much entertainment for so long! I used to watch it religiously during the summers when I’d visit my Nanny (it was one of her faves), but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. I love how the games are still so old fashioned. No touch screen computers here. Still using the sliding placards. I love that. The games you saw as a kid are still being played. I only wish they had played Kerplinko, or Plachinko, whatever it’s called. We were laughing so hard the whole hour. So fun.

First of all I’m convinced if you want to be a contestant you must wear a homemade tshirt like the ones we saw: Barker’s Breathing Buddies, or Bob’s Bigger Than Texas! None of which made much sense. You have to jump around like a madman most of the time, and when it’s time to bid you yell out in earnest “That will be $1 Bob!”. You’ll win every time.

See, these people have no idea how much things cost. Apparently they don’t do their own shopping. How else do you explain that one lady swore that a can of soup would cost more than specialized eye drops for contact lenses? And why would one lady bid $28,000 on her showcase when all it featured was a Dell computer (maybe $1500), a cellphone (usually less than $100) and a Pontiac Grand Prix (maybe $18k on a good day)?

And don’t get me started on the cross merchandising! We were hysterical over the products they were putting together as prize packages. “The highest bidder will win….cookware and Polident!”. I loved the bedroom suite and hemorroid pad package! Oh, and the water pik and beaded lamp with a ceramic woman gazing at herself in a mirror as a base. What a combo!

Hands down the most fun I’ve seen in an hour on TV all week.

One last thing… It’s 2003. Can someone please get Bob Barker a cordless mic??

Swap Box is Here! I received my swap box yesterda…

Swap Box is Here!

I received my swap box yesterday and it is so cool!! I love everything in it! Thanks so much Sheena!

Sheena sent me lots of great Hello Kitty things, tons of gorgeous stationary, a beautiful votive holder that I’m guessing she made- it matches our spare bathroom perfectly!, a lunch bento box with adorable little bottles, fun pens & pencils, a stamp, stickers etc. And most everything is from Japan with all the Japanese writing. It’s so cool to get things I know aren’t available to me normally (unless I went to Japan!)

So thanks again Sheena! I can’t wait to use everything!

An Evening with Tammy Faye We pulled in t…

An Evening with Tammy Faye

We pulled in to the lovely Vanlandingham Estate and Mom parked right up front next to Tammy Faye’s caddy. We were ushered into the room where the reception was in full swing. It was dark, pink, and loud. We found a seat and found ourselves in the middle of a concert from an amazing choir singing to Ms. Tammy Faye herself who was front and center in a grand, pink chair. Once the choir was finished Daisy (Tammy’s PA) introduced Tammy and Tammy welcomed us all. Then we enjoyed the delicious, catered, buffet while seated next to Mr. Tammy- Roe (spelling?) Messner. Daisy came and got me (we had met the day before when she invited me to the shindig) and took Mom and I by the hand to meet Tammy. Tammy is this tiny little thing with seriously teased up hair and she’s still caking on the make up pretty darn thick. She wears huge diamond rings and an even larger cross on a silver chain around her neck. She was really sweet and personable while Daisy took our photos with her. Our polaroid is up at the top of this entry. That’s my Mom on the left, Tammy in the middle and me on the right. Tammy held on tight to my Mom’s hand the whole time. Mom thinks it’s to keep people from getting too close to her. Tammy then signed them for us and chatted a minute then was on to the next people in line for a photo. It was a relatively small affair- I’d say about 75 people. The whole place was decorated with pink feathers and boas. She cut the cake a little later (a cake with her picture on it set in pink icing) and that’s when we headed home. It was very interesting in a bizarre sort of way. I loved how she wore a minister-esque scarf draped around her neck. And I was especially interested in all of her hair clips. Amazing. I must go rent the dvd of “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”. Now all I have to do is find and hook up the dvd player and I’ll be all set! You can see pictures from the whole evening here.

sick. Jon gave me his cold, his sore throat, his …

sick. Jon gave me his cold, his sore throat, his fever. I promise I’ll spill it about Tammy’s gala in a little while. I just need to lay down first and take some medicine. Let me just say though- it was quite an experience. We ate dinner next to Roe (her husband) and had pictures with her and she’s so tiny with those big black eyes and she cried a lot and wore at least 4 silver butterfly clips in the back of her hair.

Me & Tammy Faye So the neighborhood we moved i…

Me & Tammy Faye

So the neighborhood we moved in to is the old stomping grounds of Jim & Tammy Faye. Yeah that’s right, PTL. It’s pretty funky to drive the mile or so between my house and the abandoned kingdom of J & TF. You can see the hotel, the ballrooms, retail plaza, water park, everything. Very strange and spooky in a Bizarro Christian Disney sort of way. A developer purchased most of the land after the PTL downfall and developed the golf course & neighborhood as it is today. You’d never know the whole thing was there while visiting us unless we told you.

Last night as I got home from work and was checking the mail I hear a woman call to me in a British accent “Yoohoo! Hello!”. She introduces herself and hands me an invitation and explains that we are invited to Tammy’s new book launch tonight at 8. She’s releasing a bible for women entitled “I Will Survive and You Will Too!”. She’ll be signing Polaroids and according to the invite the dress code is: “Think Pink! Elegant Casual”. I’m hoping I can go. How could I miss this?? I’m hoping Rachel will hop in her car and make the trip. I know she’d love to go! Oh! And after the lady explained about the party she asked if it were ok if they aired our conversation on British TV- that they’d been filming the whole time. So fun!

Freaky Friday Friday Shannon H. at work had Lasi…

Freaky Friday

Friday Shannon H. at work had Lasik surgery and I was her designated driver. They prepped her and took her into the operating room and sat me down in the room next to her’s with a monitor where they taped the procedure. It was like a car wreck! I couldn’t look away! It was, without a doubt, the most horrifying thing I’ve ever witnessed and it was all I could do not to run in there and push the doctor away from her. And the worst part- after they finished the first eye I had to sit through the whole thing again on the second eye! I was so skeeved out that the nurses were telling Shannon I was freaking out and that I may need Valium!

Here’s Shannon H. getting ready to go under the laser!

Here’s the first image that popped up onto the screen in the room I was in:

This is the clamp they put down on her eyeball: You can see the metal thing that keeps her eyelids open in the corner! ew! close up! Then the white thingy spun around and cut a circular flap in her cornea!

Then they used this metal stick thingy to flip the flap back: This is where I was writhing in my seat. “>close up!

Here’s where I almost passed out: then they took a metal scrapey thing and scraped her eye meat under the flap! I was too traumatized to take pictures. That’s when the laser went off. You can see the laser pattern in the next picture if you look really close.

Then they flipped the flap back, squirted a bunch of stuff in her eye then took this sponge on a stick and smoothed it all out. eeeeiiaiiaiiee!

close up!

After I witnessed the horror all over again with the 2nd eye she came into the room where I was waiting like she didn’t just have her eyes lasered and butchered while I watched. It really is a miracle though- in just 15 minutes or so she went from glasses dependent-blind-without-them to seeing pretty darn clearly. And she’s back at work today reading things all over the place. The nurse said I may be a good candidate. No thank you ma’am. I think I’d rather just poke my eyes out with a hot, rusty fork instead!

Hooray! Internet at home again! Email at home! …

Hooray! Internet at home again! Email at home!

You guys, I witnessed the most horrifying thing today. I’ll tell you about it later once I can upload pictures. Let me tell you, I was so skeeved out it wasn’t even funny.

I’m off to try and find my soc. security card so I can get my driver’s license since I’m a new resident to this state and all. This DMV wants so much documentation I’m going to need help carrying it all in! =)

Hotel Living I noticed that the tone of my la…

Hotel Living

I noticed that the tone of my last couple of entries may make it seem like I’m less than happy with the move. Not true. I just hate moving. I don’t like not knowing where everything is. I don’t like being so unorganized. But I’m getting more and more organized each day.

And man, do we love our house! We are in awe of it, and that we actually own it. We love how big it is, and the amazing view of the pond and our awesome back yard. We loooove having a garage (although it’s currently full of stuff- but one day we’ll park there!) and I love having so many drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. We feel so adult and swanky in this house. Jon said the other day that our bedroom/bath feels like a hotel because it’s so big, and with the double doors and huge tub (we both fit in it!). We can’t wait to have our first cook out and dinner parties! And we have tons of projects lined up- decorating is the most fun part of moving I think. I’ll be posting lots of before and after pics!

Chaos Central * Jon called me Monday from the gar…

Chaos Central

* Jon called me Monday from the garage. Seems he was trapped after locking himself and Nelson out of the house. I went home and rescued him.

* Nelson chewed my nightguard in to bitty bits last week. Yes, I know- very sexy images of me with a large plastic appliance in my mouth as I turn in for the night have just sprung into your mind. Just imagine how lucky Jon feels! =) So now I have to go buy a new one…to the tune of $400! Ouch!!

*I still haven’t found our silverware.

I live in the Land of Boxes! We’re all move…

I live in the Land of Boxes!

We’re all moved in, although there is a ton of unpacking and organizing to do. Not to mention decorating! It was a long week that flew by. Here are some highlights:

* Our closing on the new house got delayed, but finally happened Tuesday. The sellers were so angry with us for making them pay for repairs (that they’d have to make no matter who they sold the house to) that they requested a seperate closing so they wouldn’t have to be in the same room with us!!!

*After the closing we raced home and started moving and cleaning the old house. And didn’t get to bed until 4 am the next day.

*The closing on the old house was delayed as well (thank goodness- we were able to sleep a bit) and the buyers were really nice and actually sat in the same room with us. =) They were first time homebuyers and were so excited- we were glad they were getting our house, I’m sure they’ll take good care of it.

*Because of the delayed closing we couldn’t go to Ikea until Thursday. We got in late Thursday night and met up with Rachel and Brian Friday to shop and have lunch. Jon was worried about driving the truck too much at night (a 25 footer!), so we had to kind of rush through, but it was great seeing Rachel & Brian. They gave me fabulous presents (of course, they always give fabulous presents) and we had fun shopping. I was amazed at their restraint! They only bought 1 thing! How can you do that when Ikea is full of such amazing things? We had 3 buggies full including new knobs for our kitchen & bath cabinets and drawers, a sofa, big chair and ottoman, huge cubic bookcase, other little things. We’re going back in September. We’re missing a slipcover for our sofa. I called ahead and they had the one we wanted, then we get there and they didn’t hold it for me but the lady said I could order it over the phone. I called Ikea on the way home and told my whole story only to hear that the cover I want is only available for pick up in store and that they won’t ship from the store. We were in the truck in lower Virginia at this point. Gah!! So now I have a nakey sofa in my den until September.

*We hit DC traffic and didn’t get home until 3:30am Saturday. Nothing like 12 hours in a big moving truck!

* Saturday we went to a baby shower for our friends Kevin and Margarita and brought them a mobile from Ikea. Oohs and aahs all around.

* Sunday we put together furniture and made a run to Lowe’s for new light fixtures for the kitchen and dining room. I also tried to clear off the front porch and throw out all the weird things the homeowner left behind like an angel statue, racoon statue, squirrel statues, fake bird’s nest complete with eggs and birds and fake beehive with bees. I say “tried” because as I was removing the bird’s nest I found out it’s going to take some effort because she’d hot glued the nests to the brick!! And she velcro’d the animals to the porch!! Don’t even get me started on the collection of wooden spoons she left hanging in the kitchen by fishing wire and thumbtacked to the wall!