Chatty Cathy

One of the most bizarre side effects of the many medications I’m on right now is that I’m apparently talking in my sleep. So much so that poor J awakes to full on conversations involving hand movements and even laughter. He said it’s mostly unintelligible, raspy, and hoarse but he makes out a few words here and there. Sunday morning I woke him up around 6 am so he could listen in as I talked to a client about tax exempt mutual funds with low expenses. And last night just as he was about to fall completely asleep he hears “green bean casserole!” I may be banished to the guest room tonight for the sanity of my poor husband.

In other news I have to give a shout out to my sister Sara. She’s been my savior this weekend. I can’t drive while I’m hopped up on medicine (which is all the time) so she came and spirited me off to visit with her in-laws on Saturday and my Mom yesterday. A welcome change of scenery and always welcome company.


Where do you keep your pajamas when they aren’t being used? Not the clean ones that are in the drawer. When you wake up in the morning and let’s assume you’ll put those same ones back on that night, what do you do with them? Apparently J and I are a little weird because over the last few weeks I’ve had 2 different people tell me we keep them in an odd place. When I make the bed (or when J does, and he’s been doing this all his life like me) we put our pajamas under our pillow. That way they’re handy and ready to go for the next night. Does this seem strange? I thought we were perfectly normal people with maybe a couple of quirks, but who knew there was pj etiquette?

Sunshiny Day

Yesterday my sister Sara, bil Marc and nephew Jake came over to visit for the afternoon. It was such a welcome visit! I was dying for some socialization. Not being able to drive or talk on the phone will do that to you. So we hung out all afternoon, grilled out and watched The Transporter. J was excited to actually have someone to talk back to him instead of just flashing cards or writing on a dry erase. Jake brought me the prettiest sunflowers with the sweetest note wishing me a sunshiny day. I swear, just hanging out with that sweet baby was all the therapy I needed! I mean, just look at those buddha baby cheeks!

Best & Worst

The best things about having my tonsils out:

-Creme Brulee & Bananas Foster Haagen Daz

-Fruit a Freeze Coconut Fruit Bars

-My husband, who’s been so thoughtful, worried, and attentive.


The worst thing about having my tonsils out:

-With a freezer full of ice cream all I want is pizza, steak, nachos, and a Baja Fresh burrito.

-Speaking of meat, my throat feels like tiny salisbury steaks have been stacked up in the back making swallowing fun! So gross and meaty. Not really keen on that steak right now. Sorry for the TMI description, but humor me please. I can’t talk- at least let me type! =)


I’m alive! Everything went really well. We arrived at 6am, surgery was at 8. The IV didn’t hurt like I thought it would, and I have minimal bruising from it. It grossed J out though because he could see the fluid race through the tube and into me. And it caused my left arm to be a lot cooler to the touch than my right so that gave him the heebie jeebies. There was only 1 other adult there having their tonsils out, everyone else was under the age of 5! The nursing staff was just amazing. They were all so sweet. I don’t remember anything after they put the oxygen mask on me and started my anesthetic through the IV. Then I woke up in another room where a nice lady had a popsicle waiting for me. They kept me in a private room until 4 then we came home. The pharmacy read my prescription wrong causing some delays but they made up for it with a $10 gift card. I’m all loopy from drugs and I’ve been sleeping on and off since I got home. I can whisper, but talking is out of the question. My dry erase board and flash cards are coming in handy there! And J’s been just great. Just like you guys, thanks so much for all the sweet wishes for a speedy recovery! =)

No eating or drinking after midnight

I’m getting ready to go to bed. We have to get up early tomorrow as we have to be at the hospital at 6 am. Surgery is at 7:30. Should be home by 1-2 pm. Some of my pre-op instructions are pretty amusing:

-Take a shower and shampoo your hair the night before surgery. (but I can’t do it the day of)

-Do not wear makeup, jewelry (even my wedding ring!), nail polish (except my toes), or hair pins to the hospital.

-Do not apply lotion or perfume the day of surgery. (apparenty the little monitoring devices could slide off.)

I’ve made flash cards with frequent requests like water, medicine, etc. And a friend at work supplied me with a little bell to ring to summon J. Ha! He’s so lucky! =) I have my dry erase board at the ready, books to read, and a list of movie requests. The freezer is stocked with ice cream and I just made a gallon of sweet tea. Things should go swimmingly and I should be all set. So, I may not be posting for a couple of days, depending on how I’m feeling. Wish me luck!

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Today my nephew is getting baptized then we’re having the traditional family dinner.

I finished my Spring Craft Swap items last night and I’ll send them out Wednesday or so. The scrapbook crop I went to Friday was fun. It was just the creative shot in the arm I needed to get back on track. I’m scrapping my sister’s bridal showers and honeymoon and had hit a brick wall creatively. But my friend Veta taught me some new things so I’m all set now.

I’m off to make some baked macaroni and cheese to take to Easter dinner. Have a great day!!

Good Friday

Yesterday was my last day at work until May 5th. It’s so strange to be out of work for 2 weeks but not be going on a trip or moving into a new house or something. Today I’m going to a scrapbook crop, sending out some Ebay sales, and going to my Mom’s for Hale’s birthday dinner. Last night after work I picked up Hale’s birthday cake and present and a little present for me. These cute, kicky Keds: I have 4 of my items finished for the Spring Craft Swap and I’ll hopefully get the rest finished tomorrow. And hopefully we’ll have a house showing today. A lady stopped by yesterday and should be coming by today with a realtor. Unfortunately it’s rainy today, but maybe it will clear up. Hope everyone has a Good Friday! =)

Bedside Manner

My doctor reassured me that:

a) I won’t wake up half way through my surgery unable to signal that I’m awake and feeling every slice of the scalpel (my #1 fear), and

b) They will be able to go down my throat through my mouth and it’s not a possibility that they’d have to cut my throat to get to my tonsils leaving me with a jagged ear to ear scar (#2 fear).

I told J that they’ll keep me for 4-5 hours after the surgery at the hospital for monitoring. He says “So what time do I pick you up?” Pick me up?! I told him he’d be there with me the whole time. He was sad because we have to be there so early (6am!) and there’s no Starbucks close. I told him he better pack a thermos, snacks and a book to read because he’s in it for the long haul! Who knows what could happen. I could code on the table! And there he’d be, a young widower, with his venti coffee of the day!


Today I go see the Doctor for my pre-surgical assessment. I’m getting a little nervous about this whole tonsil removal situation. I’m even having weird dreams about it. The one I’ve had the most lately is where something goes horribly wrong during surgery and they have to slice open my throat to get to my tonsils. Doctors and nurses are running around yelling “Stat!”. It’s just a bad scene.

We’re getting ready for the procedure though. I’ve got my dry erase board at the ready and we’re making room in the freezer for lots of ice cream!