Very busy day yesterday. Gave Nelson a bath then spent the afternoon running errands and picking up the finishing touches for J’s anniversary present. Can’t say what I got him here though, he reads this blog. Let’s just say I’ll (hopefully) be earning the best wife in the world prize on Monday! =) I also took advantage of the Swell sale at Target and bought some new bed linens. We are so very swank.

Handy Man

When I got home last night I was in for a surprise…J put up the crown moulding in our office yesterday! It looks so good. I’m so impressed! I’ll post pictures once he gets it painted. I know you’re on the edge of your seats waiting for a picture of some painted wood! ha! So this means we’re one step closer to getting our house listed on the market.

In other news, we’re still selling on ebay. I’m sure we’ll make our millions from ebay sales soon enough! We’ve really been pleasantly surprised at how much we’ve sold. It’s helped to clean out the clutter, that’s for sure!

My mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister y…

My mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister yesterday afternoon. It went well and was lots of fun. She got a lot of great gifts for the baby. They don’t know what the sex of the baby is, so that puts a twist on things. We played a few games of course. One game involved carrying a tennis ball between your knees and dropping it into a jar. That was a pretty funny site seeing all these ladies hobbling across the room with a ball clenched between their knees! When my sister Sara’s turn came up, she dropped it right in with no problem. That’s when my mom’s friend P calls out “No wonder you got pregnant!”. Ha!

At least ice cream is involved

Friday I saw a throat specialist and it has been determined that I will need to have a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. I will be out of work for two weeks. Ay yi yi. Apparently it’s outpatient surgery so I won’t need to spend the night in the hospital (sigh of relief!). I won’t be able to talk for a week and a half or so. J gave a thumbs up when he heard that- guess the peace and quiet will be welcome at my house! =) Since it’s not a life or death situation I can schedule it for whenever’s convenient, so we’re looking at around the end of April, after my niece/nephew is born. At least I’ll be able to catch up on all the movies I want to see and have lots of frozen treats!

Rocky Mountain High

We’re having our first big thunderstorm of the season right now. The pets are all scared, huddling around me. Poor guys. Nelson keeps huffing at the rain while he watches through the window.

Last night J and I went to dinner with this couple we’re friends with (J works with the husband, C, and I work with the wife, K) to Firebird’s Rocky Mountain Grill. Good food, warm, rustic, lodge like atmosphere. The highlight though, was their Creme Brulee Cheesecake. mmmmm. I’ve been craving creme brulee since Rachel blogged about ice cream in that flavor. I haven’t found any in my city yet. I keep waiting for her to send me some on dry ice, but alas, my mailbox remains empty.

Sing, sing, sing

I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. I mean, it’s bad. So bad that once when I was riding in the car with an old boyfriend (a long term one who claimed to love me) and we were singing with the radio, he actually turned it down, turned to me and said, “Please, don’t sing. Please.” Good thing I didn’t marry him. The man I did choose to marry is more tolerant. Lucky for him he likes different music than I do, so I don’t do much car radio singing in his car. When I drive it’s a different story, but thankfully he loves me enough just to tune me out. Now at least I know I can’t sing. I may sing around the house or in the car with the radio, but I’m not standing in line to audition to be on American Idol. I watched the last half of the Best of the Worst last night and was just amazed. Some of these people sing worse than I do! I’m amazed at their bravery though. Talk about putting yourself out there!


I picked J up from work last night and he had a little surprise for me since I may be facing a short stint in the hospital: My Big Fat Greek Wedding on dvd. Yay! We’re going to watch it tonight. He hasn’t seen it yet, so I hope he likes it. I also found out last night that my friend Michelle is engaged! Her long time boyfriend proposed on the last night of the cruise they were on last week. I’m amazed he was able to wait til the last night. I’m too impatient, I’d have had to do it that first night for sure. In other romantic news, I was glad Evan picked Zora last night. Curious to see if they actually stay together. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a couple united on tv actually lasting.

But, I’m an adult!

I just got back from the doctor and it turns out not only do I have another ear infection, but I may also have to get my tonsils out. I’ve been referred to an eye, ear, nose & throat doctor for the final decision. Should this really be happening now? I mean, shouldn’t this have all happened, 20 years ago?

In other news, it sleeted all day yesterday so the city’s shut down today with over an inch of ice everywhere. Makes for exciting driving! They closed the schools again. Those poor kids will be in school til July 4th at this rate! We fared far better through this storm than our friends in the north. Keep warm Rachel!

Love & Tragedy

Last night J brought home some shrimp for shrimp cocktail, huge strawberries, and Making Whoopie Pie ice cream. He’s so cute, he didn’t know whoopie pies are a cookie, he just thought Ben and Jerry had gotten a little cheeky for Valentine’s day. :) I’ll have to make him some real whoopie pies now. Jenny posted a recipe a little while ago over at LJC. I made some whip cream with my mixer to enjoy with the strawberries- nothing better than home made whip cream. So we enjoyed all of our Valentine treats while watching Iron Chef. Ah, nothing’s more romantic than an over the top, dubbed cooking show!

Just as we were about to turn in I noticed some flashing lights. I thought maybe someone had been pulled over in front of our house or something. I went to the window and saw an ambulance and fire truck pulled up at my neighbor’s house! We were glued to the window for the next half hour, worried sick about Jackie and Calvin, our neighbors. We didn’t feel it was appropriate to go over there last night, it was after 11pm, but I’ll stop by today and check on them. They’re just the best neighbors ever. They’re an older couple, with grown children. They were the original owners of our house in 1961. Once they had a couple of children they moved next door. Calvin was the one they took away in the ambulance, but he was sitting up so that was a good sign. Hopefully, it’s not too serious.