Winter Swap!

My winter swap box arrived yesterday. Such cool stuff! Click here for a larger image. Christy sent: heart shaped bath confetti, sampler pack of International coffees, my favorite white mocha Ghiradelli cocoa, these awesome super soft slipper socks, yummy smelling hot chocolate scented candles, a beautiful journal, raspberry scented hand wipes, funky leopard print tissues, Jolee’s Boutique snowman stickers (my favorite for scrapbooking!), and a photo album with a beautiful cover that she made herself! I just love everything! Thank you so much Christy!!

*Unrelated: pictures of my future niece or nephew’s nursery can be found here.

Gadget Girl

I’m such a sucker for a cool techno gadget. A friend at work labeled me a gadget girl- and I think she’s spot on. My latest love is the can opener my sister gave us for Christmas. I know, I know- how lame and domestic to be excited over a can opener right? But it’s so cute! And it’s so cool- it’s cordless and it runs around the can. I’ve always been a regular manual can opener girl but the Gizmo has me spoiled.

Now to distract you from my domestic lameness- I finally rented About a Boy the other night. Loved it. Also, I’ve added a couple of more things to our Ebay collection. J’s already found another sports related item we can sell too. He’s bringing it home tonight so I’ll add it tomorrow. Today I’ve got some painting to do. The home improvements continue. I stained the kitchen cabinets and the built in bookcase in the den the other day and today I’m painting the side door & some mirrors. Tonight we’re going to dinner & bowling with M & S. I work with M and met S at church. M separated from his wife last year and is ready to get back into the game so I’m playing matchmaker. Let’s hope we’re all still friends at the end of the night! ;)

The Obsession Begins

J and I are really digging this whole Ebay thing. We’re constantly checking it- “Did we get another bid?”. I’m going to clean out my closets and see what else we can put up. We were so excited when we got a 2nd bid on our bobblehead. We felt like real Ebay sellers then. Thank goodness Rachel & Margie dispense such good Ebay advice- we are total beginners. We’ll make sure to invite them on our yacht paid for with Ebay earnings! ha!

Super Sunday

Yesterday J and I went with my mom to look at some more houses. We were checking out “For sale by owner” houses this time. You can sometimes get a better deal this way- no realtors fees. We’ve made a decision to definitely buy an existing home instead of building one. We can just get more for our $$ this way- at least in the town we’re looking to buy in.

We came home in time for the big game. I made fried pickles, a hearty mexican dip, and crab/cream cheese/cocktail sauce dip (yum!). Mom made chili too, so we were not lacking in football snacks. We were so excited to see the Buccaneers win! My favorite part of the whole thing is the commercials. They were a riot this year!

Completely random collection of updates and observations

It’s been a busy couple of chilly days. We still have most of the snow on the ground, which is really odd for the south. Usually it’s all melted by the next day. Thursday we went out sledding- so much fun! That evening I cuddled up on the couch and read a good bit of Catch Me If You Can for my book club. I had to drive J to and from work (his car doesn’t handle well in icy conditions), so that was a bit of an adventure. You see, quite a few people here don’t realize that you should use added caution when travelling on snow and ice. So you spend a good bit of your time trying to avoid the speedsters.

Yesterday I mailed my swap box (which is just plain fabulous- a lucky girl will be enjoying quite a swank collection of goods in 3-4 days), and also mailed a package to Rachel including Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Gotta love being able to swap books with your friends. Beats the waitlist at the library any day! Then we shopped for J’s dad’s birthday present, had dinner out and came back home to watch Minority Report.

I’ve been all caught up in reporting the weather lately that I’ve forgotten to mention a few things: Sunday I was able to finally have some time to sit down and scrapbook for the afternoon with my friend Stacey. We had a lot of fun and were able to get a lot of work done. And I was finally able to use my cool sticker machine Rachel gave me for Christmas. It works great!

That night I went to my sister’s to see the work she’s done on the nursery. I can’t believe she’s due so soon (April 4th). The nursery is adorable. I’d post pictures but I’m having issues with my picture hosting right now. They’re waiting to find out the sex of the baby when it’s born which is what I want to do (if we ever get pregnant- come on uterus!). J was shocked when I told him. He says “I want to know what I’m getting into!” Ok…we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. The whole baby thing brought up a friendly debate at a birthday dinner for my friend Michelle the other night. Sara (my sister) and Michelle think that lavender is too girly of a color for a newborn baby boy. Amy & I think it’s just fine because, well, it’s just a baby. I don’t get it. How can you send “the wrong message” if your baby boy is wearing lavender?

On an entirely different note, I’ve started selling stuff on Ebay! I’m so excited! We’re starting small, with a couple of items, but soon I’m sure I’ll be running a huge Ebay empire!


I missed American Idol last night. And I’m going to dinner tonight with some friends so I’ll miss it tonight too. Drat! It just amazes me that there are people in the world who sing worse than I do and 1) don’t know it, and 2) perform in front of strangers. I also missed the first half of Joe Millionaire on Monday. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that yep, I actually watch these shows. I’d like to say I’m up all night re-reading War and Peace, but that’s just not the case. I watch the Real World Road Rules challenge enough to tell you who got booted off the other night. I was excited when Evan voted off Alison. She gave me the creeps. I’m rooting for Melissa.

I think I need professional help.

House Hunters

Monday I went out looking at houses with my Mom and her realtor. I swear I think we saw something like 14 houses. We started at 9:30am and I didn’t get home until after 7. Long day- but I just love looking at houses, especially the ones that people are still living in. It kills me though how the people are on House Hunters. They walk through the house saying “Oh, that’s nice, so nice, everything’s nice.” And 10 minutes later their making an offer! Mom and I walk in a house and we speak our minds. “Holy cow- check out that carpet!” “What a cool bonus room!” etc. etc. We’re opening closets, actually going all the way in the rooms- not just standing at the doors. They probably have to really hold back on the show. We saw some awesome houses. And each one you can really imagine yourself in and it’s just perfect, until you get to the next one! We’re just trying to keep our options open- basically to see what’s the better value- building or buying. We wore Frank the realtor right out!

My husband…Magnum P.I. of the neighborhood

Saturday J was getting ready to go to work when he heard this strange popping noise and saw Nelson acting all interested in something out the window. So J peeks out through the blinds and sees our next door neighbor kid, M, and his next door neighbor kid D, shooting paint balls at the oak tree in our front yard. J runs and grabs the digital camera and hunkers down on the floor of the spare room with Nelson and the stakeout begins. J sees these kids (both about 11 years old) paintball our house (brick- not so easy to clean). Then they go across the street and commence target practice on the neighbor’s truck. J sees that M’s mom’s not home, so he waits until she comes home before confronting the kids. While waiting he photographs the damage to our house (and J’s car!!) and collects some paintballs that hadn’t exploded yet from our front yard- and get this- he totally bags and tags them. He put them in a ziploc bag and labeled them with “Paintballs- 1/18/03″. So very CSI. He slides the baggie and the camera into his pocket and goes next door. Now unfortunately for J, M’s mom doesn’t speak much English. M & D start denying the whole thing of course and just as the mom turns back to J he whips out the evidence. Busted! So J lectures them a bit and marches them across the street to clean up the neighbors truck. When I got home he had me upload all of the pictures (I’ll post later-although they aren’t very exciting) and save them all to a disk. If it happens again, my Columbo is and on the case and ready to take on any perp!