Book Swap?

While browsing other blogs, I’ve noticed that we’re a pretty well read group! So I was wondering if any of you would be interested in a book swap? I’ll set up a group on Yahoo like we have for the Stateswap & Holidayswap. Then we can post the titles of books we have and we can mail them to each other on loan. This could save us $$ – no more spending tons of $ for a book we’ll read once, and time- book titles in one place with easy access. We all seem to have pretty common interests, so I figure we’d have pretty similar tastes.

Anyone interested?

In sickness and in health

I apparently have the immune system of a 3 year old. My doctor informed me yesterday that I have an ear infection. So I’m on antibiotics and a heavy duty decongestant. He told me I’ll probably have the ear non-popping problem for at least a week to 10 days. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am allergic to my husband . You see, I very rarely had any health problems at all before him. Sure, I broke my arm roller skating when I was 10, and I had chicken pox like every other kid, but that’s about it.

Then I met J. Since we’ve gotten together about four and a half years ago I’ve had: my recent strep throat and ear infection, gum surgery, root canal, I’ve developed eczema, sinusitis, have had to start taking allergy medications, was involved in a car accident (not my fault) that put me in physical therapy for 6 weeks, flu, migraines, suffered various bumps and bruises due to falls, he bit me once and bruised me but good (it was an accident I swear- he wouldn’t hurt a fly), lost all my fingernails due to an allergic reaction to some nail salon chemical (that was a doozy), got food poisoning, burst blood vessels in my eyes as a result of the food poisoning (from the intense vomiting) and got pink eye.

He on the other hand, has had the flu once and has no cavities. The picture of good health. I take vitamins every day, eat vegetables, don’t smoke at all and drink only on occasion. His diet consists of pizza, hot wings, burritos and beer. Where’s the justice??

My wish to all of you is a very healthy, and happy new year!!


Still feeling all bleh. Strep sucks. New problem though- my right ear won’t pop. You know when you go swimming or are in a plane and your ears hurt but then they pop and it’s all better. My ear hurts, but won’t pop- no matter what I do. I’ve tried everything. It’s been this way since about 5 am yesterday. So I’m going to the doctor today to get him to look at it. Maybe there’s fluid in there or something. I can’t hear very well now- it’s all muffled, like I’m hearing through a tube. Any suggestions??

Strep, new houses, and other notes

I woke up Christmas day feeling all head coldy and it wouldn’t go away. So I went to the doctor yesterday and I have strep throat. Fun. J’s out picking up my medicine right now.

Found out Bath and Body Works finally has a web site. It’s about time! Thanks to Brian for the link.

Yesterday J and I spent the afternoon touring some new neighborhoods in a neighboring city. It’s just across the state line, but only about 7 minutes from here. We can live there and escape city & county taxes (which are extremely high here). We think we’ve settled on one, but I don’t want to talk about it too much yet. There’s so much that’s contingent on this purchase. We’d have to sell our house first, we want a particular lot, we’d have to come up with a down payment, etc. But the interest rates are just so good right now we don’t want to miss out on our chance to upgrade to a bigger house without changing our current house payment by much. So we’re going to prep our house for sale and see how it goes.

Now I’m off to drink some tea and try not to talk or swallow too much.

The third day of Christmas

That’s today right? Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We hosted Christmas Eve & Christmas and it went really well. Christmas Eve we had slow cooked barbque, baked beans, shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs, & spinach & artichoke dip. Mom, Hale, & Morgan came over for dinner and we all watched The Christmas Story. It was the first time Hale had ever seen it. That night was also the first time he’d ever seen a sharpie marker. I swear that man lived under a rock until he met us.

Christmas day Mom, Hale, Morgan, Sara, & Marc came over and we did a low country boil with shrimp, corn & potatoes plus my mom’s famous squash casserole, my baked mac & cheese, green bean casserole, and I made my first ever from scratch pumpkin pie. Everything turned out great! We all opened our wonderful presents, played Monopoly, and watched Trading Spaces. It was a really nice day that didn’t fly by too quickly.

Last night I picked up some Christmas cards for next year half price at Hallmark. Today we’re going to try and hit some more after Christmas sales and we might go check out the Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers.

Tis better to give than receive

Mrs. Roboto has inspired me to write a little about crappy Christmas gifts. Yeah, I know, it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes you’ve just got to wonder. My paternal grandmother is famous for re-gifting and for giving odd gifts. If you know her, you are sworn to secrecy. I think it’s safe to say that she won’t be within a mile of a computer any time soon, so I can go ahead and spill the beans. I do think her intentions are good, something just gets mixed up in the delivery.

You can count yourself as lucky if you receive the Estee Lauder gift with purchase as a present. Of course, it’s last seasons’ and she’s already taken out all the things she’ll be using. And a few of the items might be slighty used, but hey- it’s Estee Lauder.

One year her and my aunt went in together and sent my sister and I this big box that made lots of noise when we rattled it. We were so excited! Christmas day came and we tore it open to find it was full of used makeup and toiletries. And not just slightly used. You know when the novelty of the new hair product’s worn off, but you still have about half the bottle left and you just can’t bring yourself to throw it out? Just box it up and send it to your loved ones! It’s sure to be a hit!

Once she gave my mom the same exact gift my mom had given her the year before. It even had a little piece of old wrapping paper still hanging on to it!

Hope you all fare better with your gifts this year!

Bah Humbug


I hate Christmas.”

“Why do you hate Christmas, Honey?”

“Because it’s one o’clock in the morning and you’ve got me tying a mini lunch box to a gift bag.”

My gift wrapping marathon recruited husband on why he’s feeling a little scroogish right now. His efforts are appreciated though. I’m leaving for a neighboring state to go to my Grandmother’s house in approx 7 & 1/2 hours to deliver gifts and have an early Christmas dinner. But right now it’s time for some well deserved sleep.

On Dirty Santa and mixers

It’s been an interesting few days. There’s just not enough time until Christmas I swear.

Tuesday night I participated in a Dirty Santa gift swap where I got jipped. I wasn’t aggressive enough. Those ladies were cutthroat!

Wednesday J and I finished up our Christmas shopping and wrapped presents. He also gave me my present early. He wasn’t supposed to do that, but he said it was too big to hide anywhere. That’s funny, because we were just doing stockings this year. So I close my eyes and he walks in with it. He had snuck out and bought it while I was in Michael’s and hid it in the trunk. Look what it is! I’m so excited! Now I need to whip up all kinds of goodies. As soon as we set it up he says “Alright- now bake me something!”. Um, okay. Up until now I’ve only had a little hand mixer so the pressure’s on!

Yesterday I went with my mom to look at a house she’s interested in here. Beautiful home, awesome new neighborhood. She ended up putting a contract down on it while we were there. The rates are just so good right now. We’re even thinking of building a new house too. That would be perfect, since I’ll need more counter space for my new mixer!

Seriously, we really talk about this stuff

“I’d like to have the hard shell like a lobster, but I wouldn’t want to lose my hands. Claws would be a bitch.” –my husband, J, on how he’d like to be physically fashioned after the cockroach of the sea. He’d also like the jumping ability of a big cat, like a panther, because although kangaroos can jump pretty well, he’s not so keen on the tiny, useless forearms. This is just one of the reasons why I love him so.