Trading Spaces

Saturday night my mom, sister Sara & I got together to watch Trading Spaces & While You Were Out. It seems like on TS, that someone got screwed out of a good room in both episodes, although everyone seemed to love their rooms. Frank totally countried up that kitchen (too many colors for such a small space!), and Gen’s bedroom seemed kind of ho hum blah to me. It started out all beige and ended up all beige. They had some cool touches in each of the rooms though. I loved Vern’s living room. It was one of the best ones he’s done I think. And I thought Edward redeemed himself with his red living room. Very elegant. Although he needs to spend some time reevaluating that hair do.

Now, on to While You Were Out. It was so boring to me! The new host looks evil every time she’d say “we’re going to see if the homeowner will win this fabulous prize…BUT NOT YET!” And she’d glare at the camera & I’d expect her to let out a full “Mwuu haa haa aah!” with her crazy eyebrows. Spooky. And she kept wasting time frying this egg outside. How about showing me some cool decorating tips instead of spending all this time outside frying eggs? Now there’s a crazy idea!

Mmmmm, spicy.

Saturday after work I stopped by Bath & Body works to see if they had any new fall type scents. I can’t be walking around smelling like coconut in the fall. I found White Ginger & Amber. It’s different, smells great- kind of spicy. Plus, they’re body splash is on sale for $5 a bottle (everything else is 3 for $21) I wish they had a website where you can check out what’s new without having to deal with the mall. Our closest mall is going through a major renovation (it’s rumored we’re getting a Nordstrom’s!) so it’s like a war zone in the parking deck.

In other bath & body product news: in the mail Saturday was my latest Black Eyed Susan order. I received yummy smelling blueberry cheesecake & pumpkin pie lip balm & spider soaps in peppermint patty & candy corn. Rachel always does such a good job. She threw in a sample of a new bath bomb. I can’t wait to try that one!

Last night we went to see Sweet Home Alabama. It w…

Last night we went to see Sweet Home Alabama. It was a cute, fun movie. Just don’t take some of the content too seriously. There are quite a few Southern stereotypes taken to the limit, that quite frankly, just don’t happen here anymore. At least not as much as they did. Southerner’s get such a bad rap in movies. We’re not all mullet wearing, drinking, swearing, gun rack toting, cousin marrying rednecks. The city I live in is full of people that moved from other parts of the country to live in an area with mild winters and lots of growth. I meet more people born in the north than in the south. Even my husband’s a Yankee! =) People I meet that have moved here from various parts of the country all seem to have the same thing to say, that the southerners they meet are friendly and good natured. At least in Sweet Home Alabama, even while swimming in stereotypes, they managed to portray the southerners as good people.

I was reading Que Sera Sera (an enjoyable blog with excellent writing by the way) and noticed that another issue in this movie struck a chord, especially with commenters on the site. Namely, materialism & the whole ring scene. Which made me think about some girls I know and our ring situations. Quite a few of us started getting engaged within a span of 2 years or so, so there was much talk about weddings, engagements & the like. But I started to get a glimpse of a side of some of my girlfriends I never knew when J proposed to me and gave me the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. When I got together with the girls to tell them I was engaged, a few of them asked me things like “How many carats is it?” & “How much did it cost?”. I didn’t know. I still don’t know. It’s none of my concern. I don’t care. He could have found it on the side of the road for all I cared. He could have proposed with a flower instead of a ring, or nothing at all and it wouldn’t have mattered. In fact, I said yes before I knew there even was a ring. What mattered was that this man that I love so much has asked me to marry him. So it seemed kind of crass that these girls seemed to be only interested in the price & size of the ring.

After I got engaged then came Y & N. Y was telling us about the engagement & seemed almost proud when she said “I told him I wouldn’t accept anything less than a carat.” I couldn’t believe it. Then, when an out of town friend got engaged Y said something along the lines of “and her ring is HUGE, as it should be.” She offered to email me a picture of it. I asked instead to see a picture of the groom, but she didn’t think to get one of those. And recently a girl at work got engaged. She was telling the story and when she got to the part about the ring she said she knew she’d be happy with it when she saw the box, because it was from the pricey jeweler they went to and not the more affordable jeweler her fiance preferred. Who knew it was so important to make sure you get some big ring to tote around? When it comes down to it, it’s really just jewelry right? I mean, yes, it’s a symbol of your husband’s love. But at the end of the day what matters is not what you’re sporting on your finger, but rather who’s laying there next to you. Not how big your rock is, but how strong your love is. Am I just too old fashioned?


Knitty is here! And it’s so nice! Very impressive. I wish I understood half of what they’re talking about. Knit one, purl two. I don’t knit. I don’t know how. I’d love to learn, but I don’t know anyone who could teach me. I’ve tried reading those “teach yourself to knit” books, but they don’t work on me. I need someone to sit down and show me. So until that happens I’ll be gazing longingly at the cool sweaters & scarves at Knitty.


We’re going to be responsible today and open a safe deposit box. We can’t believe we haven’t done that yet. Especially with me being so paranoid about our house burning down. (she says as a candle burns unattended in the other room) We’re also going to finally go to a joint checking account, something I never thought I’d do. I have more time at work to do things like balance the checkbook etc, than J does so it will just be easier.

Last night during our tour of megastores we stopped in to Home Depot for a sander. Our interior doors weren’t painted very well by the previous owner so the paint’s literally just peeling off.

I can’t wait to start weilding my new power tool!

Today’s my first weekday off with this new schedul…

Today’s my first weekday off with this new schedule. It’s going to be so nice to be able to run errands today without having to fight weekend shopping traffic. We’ve basically got to hit all the major discount stores today for one reason or another. J’s off today too so it will be nice. I’ve already got dinner going in the crock pot. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some crafting done today too.


Our dog, Nelson, has a problem. He’s chewing everything, all the time. I don’t know what else I can do about it. We talked to the vet and she said he’s probably bored and to give him things to chew on. He has rawhide bones, milk bones, nyla bones, pig ears & a large assortment of toys. I’ve used bitter apple spray & training spray for furniture.

Sunday Husband (J) and I went out to pick up the paper from the shopping center down the street. We were gone 10 minutes. When we came back Nelson had eaten J’s 10th anniversary present from work engraved Swiss Army watch. Eaten it as in all I found was the face. Well, and the buckle of the band when I pried open Nelson’s mouth.

He’s chewed the spare room bed as if it’s woody-licious gum. He’s gnawed on the coffee table legs like a beaver. He’s destroyed my favorite pair of flip flops & the cats’ favorite toys. Last night we went out to pick up a pizza. Gone for approx. 12 minutes. Came home to a pile of things in the living room that Nelson had dragged from the bedroom then chewed to bits including J’s favorite PJ pants & my sleep mask. He even chews himself and has created this hot spot on his arm (hence the constant wearing of the cone). He’ll even chew you if you let him. Really. He especially loves feet.

I’m at my wits end. Any suggestions?

Autumn Begins Today

Today’s the first day of autumn. I love this time of year because it’s leading us into cooler days & crisp nights. Plus all of the family gatherings & holidays and the traditions that go with them.

Saturday my youngest sister Morgan came over for dinner and stayed to watch Trading Spaces with us. I loved the checkerboard pattern Doug did in the bedroom in the first episode. I can’t say I liked the new designer’s room though. I did really like the fabric she used for throw pillows & the backing on the bench she made. But I thought the benches looked uncomfortable for a tv room. And who uses wallpaper borders? If I’ve got a professional designer in my house I don’t want her using something that doesn’t require much creativity & that I could easily do myself after a quick trip to Lowe’s. Crown molding would have looked so much nicer and would have elongated the walls. Just my opinion though. She’s the pro!

While Morgan was there I pulled out my afghan to work on and she became very interested. “You made that? How do you do it? Show me how!” She learned in about 15 minutes and was off and running.

So yesterday we went to the new HUGE super Wal-Mart and picked up a needle and some yarn for her. She’s making an afghan of her own now. I think that’s so cool. I hung out with her at her house for a while last night crocheting and watching the Emmy’s. I thought Conan did a great job of hosting. Stayed up too late though and will probably yawn right through today!