please say a little prayer i got an email from my…

please say a little prayer

i got an email from my friend stacey last night. (not the one we went to watch the hockey game with, different girl) her sister is my friend melissa. there’s 3 sisters and we’re all friends. i met mel when i went to paint at her pottery shop some 4 years ago. i quickly became a regular and we became friends while we painted. anyway, last may mel gave birth to davis, the sweetest little boy. after the birth she couldn’t feel her legs. the dr’s went in and found a cancerous tumor on her spine. she went through 2 surgeries, lots of chemo & radiation and has been sick now for over a year. she hasn’t walked in months and has been so weak that even just holding her baby is often impossible. according to stacey’s email last night, it’s not good. mel’s last 2 chemo’s haven’t worked. the disease is progressing. (a few months ago they found that the cancer is all in her spinal fluid and in the base of her brain). she’s going to wake forest next week for a very aggressive chemo, but the outlook is very poor. please say a little prayer for my friend. she’s an incredibly talented, generous, funny, kind person with an adorable 1 year old boy and an amazing husband. we’ve been working on a scrapbook for the baby, but she’s often too weak to work for more than a couple of hours at a time. i just hope we can finish it together.

will it ever end??? i’ve seen the inside of a vet…

will it ever end???

i’ve seen the inside of a vet’s office more than my own mother this last month. yesterday husband took nelson to get his tail checked on an re-bandaged. by the time i got home he’d chewed the bandage off. so we went back to the emergency vet since our vet was closed and had to pay $80 to get it rebandaged. i woke up and checked it this morning…still there. yay!! but by the time i got out of the shower it was off. he’s wearing the satellite collar but he’s just so long! and they even sprayed it with yucky tasting stuff. so jon’s back at the regulare vet this morning getting re-re-bandaged. i’m slowly going insane over this. we’re going to have to duct tape our dog. i just know it. my mom suggested we tape his tail to his back so he can’t get to it. he only has to last til thursday then he gets his stitches out. if he doesn’t pull them out himself!! you know, even i’m tired of talking about it. so let’s move on….

pretty, shiny things we received from our belk we…

pretty, shiny things

we received from our belk wedding registry, 2 pieces of wilton armetale serveware in the reggae pattern. i love them so much. as much as you can love a round tray and bread tray. so today my sister calls to tell me that bed, bath, & beyond is carrying quite a few items from that line. they’re rather pricey, but last forever. how domestic have i become that instead of drooling over a new pair of shoes i’m dying for a salt & pepper set, a wine cooler, and trivet. none of which i really need. but all of which i would use and adore. there are many more pieces that i like from that collection, but i didn’t want to go into overload.

now you see me… i’ve done it! thanks to crashe…

now you see me…

i’ve done it! thanks to crasher i’ve uploaded some pics. you can view the whole lot here or click the following links:

jon and shanny go to ikea!

nelson’s “before” shot

nelson post car wreck with my sister morgan

now for a couple of historical shots…

husband and i on our wedding day in the limo

here from left are my sister sara, me, mom, & my sister morgan

whew….i’ll post up pics of the kitties later. now i just need a digital camera and i’ll be on my way!!

that scraping sound i hate going to the dentist. …

that scraping sound

i hate going to the dentist. it’s that scraping of the metal sharp thing against my teeth. i just went this morning. and i dragged husband kicking and screaming to his 1st dental visit in 4 years!! that’s right. 4 years. and you know what they found?? nothing!! not a single cavity ever. in his whole life. meanwhile i go every 6 months like a good little girl and i have to get a crown next month and a night guard because i’m a grinder. jon did a little happy dance after the visit. it’s just not fair!

memorial day husband and i were both off yesterda…

memorial day

husband and i were both off yesterday- a rare treat indeed to both be off on a holiday. so we lounged about watching some of the trading spaces marathon. i got to see a couple that i haven’t seen yet so that was cool. i didn’t get to watch any episode in it’s entirety because i was also cleaning the house at the same time. but i did get to see the one where hildi split a living room up into 4 quadrants and painted it all magenta & silver. the fireplace was way cool but the rooms were just over the top for real life. they seemed to match the homeowners though. i was cracking up at the one couple that was made up of little squealy man and amazon lady. she was probably normal sized but he was a kewpie doll so it made her look like the 50 foot woman next to him. when standing side by side he came up to her chest! more power to her- i just couldn’t marry such a tiny man.

later in the day my mom, hale & morgan came over for a cook- out. yummy steaks & shrimp on the grill and i made corn on the cob, baked brie & strawberry & blueberry salads. mmmmm. sam came over too (mom’s dog) so it was a madhouse with 2 cats & 2 dogs. plus hale yelling at the red wings game on tv. they lost by the way. =( but they’ll come back tomorrow and win.

cute sighting of the day: mom put fake lily pads & flowers in our pond a couple of months ago and yesterday i spotted a real frog hanging out on one. so cute! we have a couple of frogs in the pond now, i hope they are fruitful and multiply– natural mosquito eaters! woohoo!