mils & fils after stacy left we watched everybody…

mils & fils

after stacy left we watched everybody loves raymond. i sooo identified with last night’s episode. i identify with poor debra more than you know. my mother in law is just like ray’s mom. it’s almost scary. so i totally understood when debra had a hard time calling her “mom”. jon says “that will never happen with you and my mom huh?” no way. i just couldn’t do it. i have a hard time now because i don’t know what to call his parents. their 1st names feel weird because i’m not their buddy, and mr. & mrs. feels too formal. i can’t wait to have kids. then i can just call them gramma & grandpa. now i just get in their line of vision when i have to talk to them and avoid at all costs having to call them from across a room. advice to all engaged couples: get it down now what you’re going to call your in laws before it gets awkward. you can’t switch to something cutesy years into it. it’s just weird. i really liked the idea of mil & fil. for mother in law & father in law. but we’re too far into it for that now.

our 1st official dinner guest last night stacy ca…

our 1st official dinner guest

last night stacy came over for dinner. aside from our house warming, she’s our 1st official dinner guest. we broke out the candles & ate in the dining room instead of the bistro table. stacy & i met in the new members class when i was joining covenant presbyterian. jon was a member there and that’s where we got married. and it turns out she’s from columbia, sc where i grew up. we’ve been friends ever since. we get together at least once a month for a dinner and last night it was at my house. jon grilled us up some steaks and we had a good time giving stacy a presentation about the food network. we couldn’t believe she doesn’t watch it. we love that channel.

fun things i love the website jenny pointed out w…

fun things

i love the website jenny pointed out where you can build yourself in legos. so cute.

beauty product update i’m in love with this new stuff i found. i’m not sure if it’s a new product or just new to me. it’s john frieda’s beach blonde. it smells yummy like coconut and makes your hair thick like how it feels when you’re at the beach and you don’t wash the ocean water out of your hair.

3 obsessions

the other day on bob & sheri they were talking about people’s 3 obsessions. that if you think about it everyone has 3 things that they think about a lot or obsess over. these are not priorities like your family etc. and they’re usually pretty silly. i think they are right. i was thinking about mine and they are: the mail, beauty products (including lotions, cosmetics, hair products), and lip balm. let me explain. the mail: i have to check it. if jon checks it he sorts through it and decides what’s junk and tosses it. this might mean i could miss out on a great sale somewhere or a cool catalog to leaf through. or he’ll check it and leave it somewhere and i won’t get to see it for days. drives me nuts. don’t know why. beauty products: i have them all. or at least it feels like it. i’m such a sucker. i’ll totally buy new hair stuff when i have no less than 34,097 bottles, jars etc of hair stuff in my drawer or under the sink already with approximately 1 inch of product left in them. i don’t know why i don’t just throw it out or better yet, use it all before buying a new thing. lip balm: this isn’t included in the beauty products section because it’s not about buying new lip balm, it’s about having it handy. i have a tube in literally every room in the house where i hang out. i have 2 tubes in my purse, 1 in my car, 1 on my desk at work. you get the idea. i never wear something without pockets unless i know i can get to my lip balm. my mother in law even gave me this tiny beaded ivory purse that was just big enough to hold a tube for our wedding. it’s a sickness i tell ya.

i love power tools this was a good weekend in a l…

i love power tools

this was a good weekend in a laid back homeowner sort of way. saturday husband and i slept in a little then headed out to qdoba for lunch. we stopped in to dean & deluca for some bread then went on a mad search for maggie moo’s ice cream. it was really good. it was funny though, jon and i were the only people in there that didn’t have a huge amount of children with them.

we finally made it to lowe’s (which was our goal when we set out). we had to buy some weed killer and a sprayer to kill these carpenter bees which have taken over our storage building. i’ve never seen anything like it. these crazy bees actually drill into the wood. they’ve practically hollowed out our fence & gate & have drilled tons of holes in our storage building. they leave little piles of sawdust everywhere. it’s just so weird. anyway, we finally get home and start working on the yard. we’d borrowed a blower, weed wacker and hedge trimmer from my mom. you don’t realize how much stuff you need when you buy a house. it seems like with each project we realize what we’re lacking in the tool department. we had a big time with the tools. it was fun weilding all that lawn power. i even mowed the lawn. you’d realize what a big deal that is if you knew how girly i am.

we went in once it got too dark to work and watched trading spaces. we weren’t crazy about doug’s blue room but the homeowner was so that’s good. and the episode with the half naked chick picture was nuts. i agree with rachel about paige going on and on about how hot the girl was in the picture. let it go paige. and at first i thought it was all set up with them, but she seemed really surprised. they must have cleared it with the husband though. but how creepy to see doug rooting around in her panty drawer!


jon had to work in the morning so i cleaned the house. when he got home it was more yardwork for us. we bought the house from a lady who never worked in the yard so it’s taking us a while just to get it looking decent. we returned our tools to my mom and ended up hanging out there til 9 pm. i’m sleepy this morning from going to bed so late. that daylight savings makes you forget that even though it’s light out it’s really late.

victim it’s finally happened. my poor little com…


it’s finally happened. my poor little computer has been hit with a virus. it’s a sneaky one too. i’ve run norton anti virus and it doesn’t find anything. this virus came from my friend stacey’s 85 yr old grandfather who got hit with it. he sent it to her and she sent it to me and of course i opened the attachment because it’s from her and BAM. so now our master email address (that we don’t even use) is sending these random emails to everyone in the free world (some people we don’t even know) and these emails are totally nonsensical. it’s like it pulls random info and just sends it out. most of them seem to be about gambling which is weird. all of pop’s (stacey’s grandad) emails were in french. and now it’s mucked up our desktop where all the icons scoot around the screen and won’t let you click on them. i’m not equipped to deal with this! i don’t know what to do!

friday five thanks to heather 1. What are your h…

friday five thanks to heather

1. What are your hobbies? painting, scrapbooking, reading, making hand drawn note cards, crochet, just about anything crafty. and since we’ve bought a house i have 2 new hobbies: gardening & decorating (remodeling).

2. Do you collect anything? If so, what? matchbooks from restaurants & magnets from each state, major city, and/or theme park or tourist trap we visit. i’m also obsessed with stationary & pens so i collect those things too.

3. Is there a hobby you’re interested in, but just don’t have the time/money to do? all of my current hobbies. i’d love to have more time to do them. i’d also like to learn how to lay tile & create tile mosaics

4. Have you ever turned a hobby into a moneymaking opportunity? i’ve sold some ceramic pieces i’ve painted and i turned my mini obsession with kitchen tools into a part time job when i started selling pampered chef.

5. Besides web-related stuff (burbs, rings, etc.), what clubs do you belong to? none. not even anything web related. if i don’t have enough time to do my regular hobbies, how am i going to have time for clubs & meetings?

missed it by this much i finally broke down yeste…

missed it by this much

i finally broke down yesterday afternoon and went to belk to stock up on clinique. i was desperately low on my yellow moisterizer and i had run out of touch base (creamy eye shadow). so i thought i might be able to sneak in under the wire with the free gift but i apparently missed it. the nice lady at the counter told me the schedule for free gifts for all our major stores at south park so now i’m set. but the next free gift isn’t until august and i couldn’t wait that long for moisterizer so i had to go plunk down a nice chunk of change. i only splurge on clinique once or twice a year and their products last for a long time so i feel justified. i bought my moisterizer, the clarifying lotion #2, and two of the new touch tint for eyes (lilac frost and blue pearl). fun shimmery shadows. i have a feeling the touch tint will be replacing the touch base, but you never know. i also managed to talk the sales lady into hooking me up with a free gift of sorts. she put together a bunch of samples and a cosmetic tray so it still feels like i got a free giftie.

drama at the teeter mart rachel’s boyfriend is no…

drama at the teeter mart

rachel’s boyfriend is not the only one getting screwed out of vacation time. husband’s company has “restructured” their vacation time. instead of going by tenure with the company they are now going by full time tenure. so even though jon’s been with them for 12 years they’re only counting the years he’s been full time or salaried. so he used to have 4 weeks vacay and now he’s down to 2. sucks! we also found out that a good friend of ours is possibly terminated from there pending investigation. his wife and i have been friends for years. we used to work together for hannaford and now both work for the same company again. that must really suck to have your main breadwinner lose his job. i don’t know what we’d do if that happened to us. he’s been there for so long that we know he wouldn’t be able to make close to what he’s making if he had to change jobs. there are so many people we know right now who are affected by this deflated job market either through layoffs or they just can’t find jobs after a move or graduation. hopefully this economy will turn around soon and we’ll be back to the days where good jobs were a dime a dozen.

lucky a friend of mine, amy, is going to aruba……


a friend of mine, amy, is going to aruba…for free! our local radio station 107.9 the Link is doing a trip a day giveaway and a co-worker of her’s won it and is taking her. for a week! so fun. it’s just not fair though because you can only qualify between 9-5 and well, i work from 9-5:30. so no trip for me. but yay for them!

last night jon and i went to sam’s then came home and made cheeseburger pizza. nothing too exciting, but we just love going to sam’s and oohing and aahing over all the huge containers of miracle whip etc. once a week or so we even go to costco for a hot dog for lunch. we’re such suckers for retail entertainment. turn us loose in target and we can spend an hour at least. speaking of i found that new diamond lipstick rachel was talking about at target on sunday. it’s really pretty, but the sunlight doesn’t bling off my lips like i thought it would. ;) darn those special effect commercials!

drinks with madonna’s brother….or is he?? frida…

drinks with madonna’s brother….or is he??

friday night my sister sara and i met up with my mom and her friend carol for drinks at guytano’s. mom’s been friends with carol since sara and i were really young so she’s like a member of the family. mom’s also friends with guytano ciccone the owner of the restaraunt. so he comes over to chat with us and i ask him if he’s related to madonna. he tells me that he can’t tell me about it because they have some sort of agreement. but he did say she was coming for a visit in 2 weeks. so i’m thinking maybe he’s some sort of relative but according to e!’s bio he’s not her brother. maybe a distant cousin? or maybe a big faker? =)

spring cleaning, vet visit and trading spaces

saturday i woke up early and took both kitties to the vet. nimbus has apparently been bitten by a spider so she’s got this icky spot on her neck. they had to shave her and give her a shot and do the whole deal. she was soo good. didn’t make any bad girl noises or give the vet any trouble. dabrie was only there for a nail trim. it was as if the devil had been unleashed in my cat. she was growling and hissing the whole time. they sedated her (somewhat) with catnip then put this hannibal lector mask on her, wrapped her in a towl and then were finally able to clip her nails. my cat is a demon. then i came home and did some spring cleaning & laundry, always fun. then carol and i headed over to harris teeter to get the goods for dinner. jon was closing at the store just like friday night so we got to see him for a minute or two. we headed back to my mom’s where sara and my mom were hanging out. sara brought over her veil for us to see. she’s getting married june 29th. we watched trading spaces and i have to agree with rachel that the sewing room hildy created for the dixie chick’s mama was hideous. too much fabric and what a cleaning nightmare! it looked like a cigar bar, not a sewing room. and it was so dark- how do you see to sew?

flowers & lucky bamboo

sunday i went with mom and carol to lowe’s and the grower’s outlet to buy flowers for the yard. i had to replace the pansies that were drying up because it’s been so hot. who knew flowers were so expensive?? i bought 1 hanging basket, 1 orchid, 1 bamboo plant, 8 geraniums, 1 hanging fuschia, & 1 pot….over $100! don’t tell the husband=) i put the “lucky” bamboo in the bedroom and the orchid on the fireplace mantle. let’s just hope the cats don’t think they’re snacks!